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Differin .3 transition to Isotretinoin???

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Hi all,

So I've been using Differin .3% at night (spot treat w/ aczone) and had a horrible IB that I am still recovering from, along side my already fabulous acne and PIH. I am scheduled to begin Isotretinoin 5/9/11. I am concerned, obviously about another IB. My derm wants me to stay this course until the differin becomes too much (I laugh at this bc all hell broke loose about two weeks after starting differin and lasted nearly six weeks) And though I see some MINOR improvements, Isotretinoin is still on (I can't wait, btw :D ). I know there are a lot of ups and downs with isotretinoin, however, there seems to be with any acne treatment.

Does anyone have any insight in using a topical retinoid prior to taking an oral one? I still have a lot of comedones on my forehead, cheeks, jawline and chin. The differin irritates them and brings them up, where they spontaneously erupt, or I extract them (I get PIH either way, and I can't stand a juicy whitehead on my face :X ). I still get large ones here and there, and the differin doesn't seem to help at all. They come from way down. But the clogged pores continuously develop and become irrated, albeit not as bad as they were a few months ago...

ANY insight is greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!!

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You can definitely be on Differin while on Accutane, I was talking about that with my derm today. I am interested in Accutane as well.I have taken many antibiotics with different creams that's the norm for a derm to prescribe. But they just never know how their patient will react to the drug they prescribe until they try it. To find the right medication for a person is always going be a trial and error one, I know it's horrible being the guinea pig! Keep a log on you Accutane journey!

I am currently on Differin/Clindamycin at night and I take Bactrim an oral antibiotic morning and night. If this fails me, Accutane here I come.

Good luck!

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