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I randomly broke out into cystic acne in January 2011 and went on Tetracycline antibiotics for approx 2.5 months and also started using Benzaclin in the mornings and Retin A at night. I slowly started weaning myself off the antibiotics since end of March 2011 and also eased myself off the Benzaclin (started using every alternate day and then stopped).

I'm afraid of a relapse... my skin is clear off acne but just the marks and some rolling scars. I also feel that some days i see new scars that look similar to small ice pick scars - but it could be dryness that makes the skin like that - i'm not sure.

Past few days my skin has also been tingling or been slightly itchy and i can't tell what's going on. Just afraid of getting into the same mess i went through a few months ago.

Anyone have any idea of what happens or what the symptoms are of a relapse???? HELP!

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I'm in the same place in my treatment. I stopped the antibiotic and now am just using tretinoin cream 1% (retin-a). After years and years of acne I think I have some PTSD because I also am terrified of a relapse. My derm keeps on assuring me that tretinoin cream works deep in the skin to normalize the pores so that as long as I use it they'll supposedly stay clear. I'm holding on to that and hoping as you are that all will continue to go well.

I also have the teeny ice pick scars but they are where the tretinoin cream caused the pores to expel deep plugs. Also the tretinoin cream is slowly shedding the skin and exposing old scarring. However after using it for about two years now I've noticed that those scar diminish as the tretinoin cream rejuvenates the skin and new skin layers are formed. It really heals the skin!

I think the itchy feeling is part of the tretinoin cream working. My skin is dryer but that's okay since I usually have very oily skin. The skin is "shedding" like it should and I'm just not used to this. Before my skin was slick and of course that's why my pores were so plugged and I got cystic acne!

So perhaps we should welcome the itchiness as normal :rolleyes:

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