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Hey there I have been on the Retin-A CREAM 0.05 for around 3months and 2 weeks.

I have light-light moderate acne.

16,male (puberty i know)

I just recently got over a bad break out, but there is definitely improvements, my skin is smooth but still abit dry and i no longer get deep pimples. (not cysts) just DEEP pimples.

Right now i am dealing with moderate hyper pigmentation which is a sort of a concern as my complexion is quite fair. Also what is bugging me ALOT right now is that I cant stop breaking out with baby pimples, i get 3-4 a week they usually disappear within 2-3 days and leave just a faint red mark how ever it does NOT stop. After having broken out quite alot in the last week my skin was smooth and clear (apart from red marks) and then i wake up with 3 small red bumps (2 tiny 1 moderate) one tiny one is at a barely visible head. I know i should really wait till 6 months to see FULL results how ever I am hating these break outs ATM. D:

Should I start on an antibiotic oral to help reduce the amount of pimples i get?

I cleanse twice daily and apply moisturizer in the morning.

I recently down dosed retin A to every second night due to being overly dry, results seem good.

Anyone who have tips to prevent these constant tiny break outs would be much appreciated!

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