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i started the regime one year ago. used 3 % BP 1-2 times a day, gentle cleanser, moisturizer and different kinds of oils for dryness. now i'm kind of clear but with red spots and uneven skin tone, lots of dryness (still), and always at least 1-3 active (huge!) whiteheads.

even though BP did help me a lot, i can't help but get the feeling that it's too harsh and doing kind of the same amount of bad as good to my skin. so i started to dream of the huge step of leaving BP or using it not so often. will it have any effect like that?

i'm also using a, depending on the mood, mix of aha cream, mild tartaric acid peeling, aspirin mask, yoghurt mask, honey mask, tea tree oil spot treatment, elizabeth arden 8 hour cream, aloe vera, pore cleaning strips, castor oil (btw i don't like jojoba oil and i do like coconot oil, at least for the winter), and apple cider vinegar (a bit skeptical to this one ... and the smell.. pheww).

i am thinking about using a stronger aha peeling (8-10% ?). i'm mostly curious if anyone out there is using only aha as a treatment? or retinoids? is it working? any other tips? i'm also curious about avocado oil and pomegranate oil. also waiting for an order of emu oil, can't wait! i heard a lot about house of deming products, any experiences? even though i'm living in europe and it would be quite expensive for me to order from there.

must say that skin care have become a huge interest for me. if you have any other tips for treating acne and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, please tell me! i also use mineral make up and chemical sun screen (even though i heard this is kind of extremely unhealthy).

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