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Alcohol and Accutane.

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Hello, names Pasha and i am starting to take accutane pretty soon. i have alot of deep acne known as nodular acne. Doctor wants me on it for 6 months and unfortunately my birthday, EDC and some other events in vegas are happening during that 6 months. I usually drink beer on those occasions, no hard stuff. wondering what i can do about it, i wanted to stop taking medication prior to the nights i will be drinking but dont know how much of a space i should leave because i dont know how long the accutane will be in my body.

Suggestions? please and thank you

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i've drank while on accutane without anything terrible happening to me... maybe a little more hungover the next day, just make sure that you stay hydrated the next day. it also takes much less for me to get drunk (like one beer) and i only drink beer, no mixing. i don't take my pills that day, and the day after drinking. i don't know if that does anything, but it makes me feel better. yeah, so you can drink, just don't over do it.

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My first month on accutane I drank about 5x times a week, yes stupid but I’m still living and my first months blood test came back perfectly fine anyways I am not suggesting you do that but drinking on those special occasions you mentioned will be fine I’m sure, even if you weren't on accutane though of course don't overdo it cause regardless if you’re on accutane or not getting to wasted is not good. haha

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