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Gotu Kola- I think it might actually work!

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Hi Guys

A bit of background- I have 5-10 hypertrophic scars (i believe from pimples) on my chest. One I have had surgically removed with no follow up (ei: steriod injections/ silicon cream or sheets) which grew back slightly bigger and one I had cryo-frozen with no follow up which grew back to much the same size. All other treatments I have tried have been topical but none, so far, seem to have worked (maybe tea-tree very mildly)

I bought a tincture of "Gotu Kola" off the web a couple of weeks ago and forgot about it. Gotu Kola is a herbal product mainly used in Chinese medicine (i think) and supposedley promotes wound healing- do a google search if you dont know what it is.

The other day, after coming out of the shower, I noticed a pimple on my chest and picked at it to try and get the head out.

Realising what I was doing and that every single pimple i'v had on my chest before has turned into a big raised hypertrophic scar, I stpped in a hurry really, really wishing I hadnt done it.- the pimple had become very red and there were a few very small veins on the surface of the skin as a result of me picking at it- it looked exactly like the start of all the rest of the scars did.

I remembered my tinctre of Gotu Kola (having not used it or even opened it before) and applied a drop or two to a cotton swab and applied to the spot, thinking I may aswell give it a go.

I put my t-shirt on and forgot about it for an hour or two.

When I remembered a couple of hours later what I had done, I went to the mirror and lifted my t-shirt. To my surprise, all the redness had gone from the pimple and the small cappilery-viens that I saw before had completely disappeared.

This was Saturday. It is now Wednesday, and after another single application on the Sunday, the pimple/ scar scab is all but gone, and the best bit? - It hasnt gone Hypertrophic!!!!!

Now, this could be a freak of some sort, but based on what I have seen over the last few days, I believe this stuff might actually work if used when the wound/ pimple etc is healing.

Who knows if it could do good for existing scars also? Maybe it could work if used after surgical excision?

I'm going to try this for every new pimple I get on my chest and will post my results back here to determine if it was just a freak or not.

Has anyone else used Gotu Kola and what was your experience?

Maybe if other people could give it a try aswell and post your results here?

Thought I would share with you all

All the best :)


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Ok guys

Today I'v started my regular applications of Gotu Kola

I have taken a picture of my current scars i will upload later, and post a new picture every 2 weeks or so.

I'm going to apply twice daily with a cotton bud and will report back


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Since reading this post i have done research on gotu kola and am convinced and will try anything for my hypertrophic scars i have order GOTU KOLA AF LIQUID EXTRACT - 1 oz....hopefully i will see imrovement, i read that there was a study and "82% of the group showed improvement after between 2 to 18 months" thats decent enough for me to be convinced....

I will add a picture of how bad my scars are, the large mass there was a pimple it healed by now (this was a week ago) but one can get an idea of how they are...

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