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So after avoiding dairy for 2 years......

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I've been eating A LOT of yoghurt in the past 2.5 weeks, I mean A LOT.

100% natural organicyoghurt with honey and if anything my skin has got better.

Not only yoghurt but whole fat organic milktoo. I still get pimples but my skin has been a lot better than usual in the past 2.5 weeks.

So yea, it seems I can also eat chocolate if the milk powder is from whole milk and organic such as Green and Blacks :)

The reason I reintroduced these foods to my diet was to break me out for a derm appointment...the opposite happened.

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I used to think dairy broke me out but now I think its large doses of sugar instead. for example, a couple months ago I broke out pretty badly from a cup of gelato so I assumed it was the dairy, but later ate a cup of plain greek yogurt as an experiment and didn't break out. I was just recently in japantown and ate a lot of mochi candy and rice and sweet egg cakes and sweet potatoes at home and I had a big breakout these past two days. So right now I am focusing on really limiting sugar consumption. I think I have some plain greek yog in the frig, I'll have that for dessert tonight :)

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were you ever on antibiotics for a long time?

the probiotics received from the yogurt may have been very beneficial to your digestive tract

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