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Can happiness/productivity/feelings of accomplishment decrease sebum output, and vice versa?

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Okay, so I've been a very oily guy ever since I hit puberty. I'm 28 years old now. I stopped getting acne on my face (minus the occasional pimple every now and then that everyone gets) around the age of 19, so about 9 years ago. However, I've still remained just as oily. It makes my hair super oily and nasty looking often times, and it also causes hair shedding to boot. Always has.

HOWEVER -- I've noticed something in my life. Throughout my teen years and even into my adult life, I dealt with a good amount of stress/anxiety due to certain life events that I was having trouble coping with. It was generally stuff that was just always on my mind, but people didn't realize I was going through it. It caused me some depression, and I was just stressed out on the inside a lot of the time. Going to school, I would often get stomach discomfort, nervousness, etc...

One day, when I was in the 9th grade, it was a Sunday, and I was at home just having a really good day all around. I was not stressed out at all. Later in the day, I looked in the mirror and noticed that my face didn't have a drop of oil on it. My hair also wasn't oily at all, and it had more life and fullness to it (not weighed down by oil). And when I washed it the next morning, I didn't shed in the shower at all. I was in a really good mood.

Of course, then the school week started back up, and my skin started producing oil again, hair shedding returned, and you get the picture.

Then a few years later, I participated in the production of a school play that I put a LOT of hard work into along with several of my friends. It was such a fun time. I had a blast, and we got great compliments from everybody who came to see it. The next day at school, I was cruising along on a confident sense of happiness. I was feeling more social, not nervous about being in class, and what do you know - my face was oil free, and my hair didn't shed for about 2-3 days.

THEN of course, after a few days, things went back to normal and I slipped back into my patterns of feeling uncomfortable/nervous/anxious at school.... oily skin returned, hair shedding returned.

Every 1-2 years, I have something like this happen, and for about 2-3 days, I experience being totally oil free and having no hair shedding. My skin has this "glow" to it that looks so nice.

What hormones in the body are affected by being physically active/productive/happy that would lessen or even stop the over-production of oil in my body? Just curious.

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You're correct in assuming that your skin is connected to emotion on a biological level.

Cortisol (the "stress" hormone) can cause a bunch of strange effects in the body like inflammation, sodium channel blocking (which can cause a mild depression), decreased collagen production, weight gain through fluid retention, screwing with your insulin and increasing blood sugar.



When you lower the stress in your life, it would make sense that your overall well being, including your skin, would improve in one way or another.

To answer your question:

Cortisol: deals mainly with stress and response to external stimuli.

Insulin: The hormone that regulates how our body metabolizes carbohydrates and fats. Also has a direct effect on blood sugar levels.

Androgens: One androgen, DHT (dihydrotestosterone), is a form of testosterone that you want to avoid. It's associated with things like acne, excess sebum production and hair loss. Remember, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are not created equal.

Estrogen: The role of estrogen in acne is a bit hazy but generally more estrogen = less acne. This doesn't really apply to males as nicely as it does to females because males obviously need more testosterone than estrogen and screwing up that balance is bad.

Dopamine: (Not a hormone actually, it's a neurotransmitter but can function like a hormone in certain cases) Feelings of reward and pleasure mainly but overlaps in many areas with serotonin.

Serotonin: (Also not a hormone) Feelings of happiness, being content, comfort, sleep, etc.

Pick and choose I suppose.

I really recommend you check this blog out:

The Love Vitamin

She's got a lot of great information there about stress and lifestyle habits and how they relate to acne and your overall health.

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Guest Timehealsall

you could always go on a low dose of accutane i think

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you could always go on a low dose of accutane i think

No, you can't "always" go on a low dose of accutane.

Also you're on the wrong board. :rolleyes:

This board is for people who don't want to avoid putting as much crap as possible into their bodies.

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