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I just can't believe that i'm getting hit with acne just as i am learning to pick up the peices of my shattered self esteem. Years and years of abuse had the idea drilled into my head that I am ugly, lesser than, unimportant, stupid..

It's sad really, that its taken me so long to finally start to accept who I am and maybe even start to like it a little bit. Finally I was almost reaching a level that everyone else was at and then I get hit with this dry.gif

I feel like im in grade school again. My acne is just getting worse and worse. It's such a big let down cause I had such high hopes for proactiv. Thats what I get for letting myself get excited I guess. Hope for the best, expect the worst..thats like, my motto..and I didn't follow it. So this is what happens.

But I just feel so low again. I pretend to be happy and pleasant, especially at work since I have to, but inside all im thinking is how my face looks, if there are any pimples forming nasty whiteheads as I speak to a customer. Or even worse, if something has unexpectedly popped and im bleeding. That crap happens you know. And then i'll go home and look in the mirror hoping for some improvements and ill change into my pajamas and ill just spend hours online or lying on my bed falling in and out of sleep because I don't want the world to see me. And I know acne is a common thing but it just seems like i'm the only one who has it if im with a group of people.

And now I have this giant cyst on my cheek. ugh. I don't even want to be around the person I feel closest to-my boyfriend-when my face looks like this. I've spent days inside just cause my face. I'll tell him i'm tired but really its just because I don't want him to see how ugly his girlfriend is

I'm supposed to be starting my career. I can't go on a job interview like this. When i'm worried whether i have pus oozing from my face I can't really concentrate on their questions. I can't look them in the eyes cause I don't want them to look back at my face. I'm afraid i'll never get a "real" job until this clears up.

So I want it to clear up, and fast. mad.gif So I can finally know how it feels to like myself.

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go to a dermatologist spicychicken, it will clear you up in no time you don't have it that bad trust me....

Try something over the counter with sulfur in the meantime and salicylic acid and alternate those, use one during the day, the other at nite) and use your proactv benzoyl peroxide wash in the and alternate that with a mild med free cleanser...also I hope your not vegetarian doesn't seem so with a name like spicychicken : ) !

but just see a derm, I heard klaron lotion (with sulfur and an antibiotic is good) and you may be put on minocyline short term(don't go more than a few months on an antibiotic) also get your hormones checked since your 19....But you'll be okay, right now your acne looks very manageable and your skin otherwise looks good. see a derm at a university skin clinic, it's cheap and since you'll be seen by a resident they don't want to screw up and mess up your face in front of theior superiors!

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no, its not that bad and i know that. its moreso depressing because it happened all of the sudden. I just ordered dan's gel and i'll see how that goes before going to see a dermatologist. I don't have much money, so I want to kind of explore other cheaper methods before I go that route.

lol. my nickname doesnt actually have to do with food. its something stupid i picked up in highschool...has to do with the spice girls and me dancing like "spazmic chicken"

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hey spicychicken!

Dont let this get you too down. Im in a similar situation..skin has completely freaked out of control and has turned into what my derm described as "the most ferocious acne" he's seen in a long while, i have about 6 or 7 cysts on my face including 2 HUGE ones. The worst thing is it wasnt ever that bad before but now its just absolutely terrible. I too dont go out and am not wokring at the moment because of it.. i have huge money debts cos of it but i cant face it. Fortunately im on roaccutane and im just about to finish my first month, even though my skins still as bad as it was i can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel..

You should go see a derm and just have a look at all the possible options to get this cleared.

Im really sorry to hear your story but as long as you know there are others going through this with you at the same time it should hopefully be a little encouraging.

Keep on going, keep smiling and keep your chin up.


frankie smile.gif

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