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NoMo redness

Steroid Induced Rosacea??

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Ok so I guess tracing this problem all the way back, it started last March when I began accutane. Everything was fine all through the summer (my skin would get dry but was fine with lotion on it) but when I was finally done with my course I didnt put anything on my face for a couple of days and it got very dry and I had red spots under my eyes and temple. I went to see my derm and she prescribed me desonide. It worked great right away and the dryness and redness went away for a couple of weeks without continuous use of desonide.

Around the end of October the redness under my eyes came back and I was told I had seb dermatitis. I used desonide everyday rubbed all over my cheeks up until I left for virginia for vacation on dec 26 (i figured with the warmer weather that my seb dermatitis would go away a bit. That night though I got my first rosacea flareup and my cheeks got very red even with desonide on it. The flareup eventually went away and I only used desonide the first day I was in virginia since it was still kinda of cold. The rest of the week I only used cetaphil lotion on my face and everything was fine, my cheeks were kind of red still but it was not embarrassing all I had to do was apply more lotion and it went away.

When I got back home to wisconsin where it is very cold in January I wouldnt do much other than lay in bed watching netflix. I began applying desonide again and the redness stay away all day until about 9pm which is when it got out of control and I would not go out with my friends. I believe this is because I was laying down and the blood was rushing to my head causing this. I stopped desonide after reading warnings of skin discoloration and began using dermarest which worked pretty good and I still use it often.

I eventually went back on desonide in early march on nights I would go out as to assure my cheeks would not get embarrassingly red. When I came back for spring break I decided to stop desonide completely since with the warmer weather I figured my skin dryness should go away. Right when I stopped my cheeks were pretty red most of the time but as the week went on the redness slowly went away. I have not used desonide since and its been a month since I stopped. My cheeks are still red later on in the day Id say about 7 hours after I shower they get red but not so red that I cant go out.

So Im sorry for the long story, i figured people could help me better if they fully understood my situation. I have a few questions though.

-Do you think this is steroid induced rosacea? Im pretty sure it is I just wanna make sure

-Is it possible to have a flareup while desonide is on my face?

-Should I stop using dermarest psoriasis? I know there is dermarest for rosacea but at the time I bought it I was not aware and the stuff I have now works ok.

- I am going to call a dermatologist to set an appointment what medication should I stay away from or possibly suggest (derms dont always know best other wise I wouldnt be in this situation!)

-I sometimes use aloe vera (the green gel) Is it ok to continue using?

-Would it be more damaging to put nothing on my face at night? I currently only use cetaphil lotion

Thanks if you read and answer my questions!

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