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New to this.. help? :)

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Hey all, I'm new to this board- although I've browsed it a few times I've never posted. I'm a 20 year old chick who has suffered from more-than-moderate-but-not-quite-severe acne since age 11 (first kid with pimples in the 5th grade... talk about embarrassing).

Now, I'm left with the aftermath- some shallow scarring, and a lot of red marks from acne. I still get active pimples, though not as often as I used to, but I know that peels cannot be done with active acne... so I'm wondering, where do I begin in the quest to getting rid of my red marks and scarring? I see so many different recommendations, but I feel so overwhelmed by it all.

Any general guidance on this quest would be extremely helpful! c: thanks!

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Apple Cider Vinegar seems to do a lot of people well for treating current acne, hyperpigmentation, and shallow scaring. Just make sure you dilute it down at least 50% when starting... people who jump right in to it tend to get burned ( I did :X ).

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Grade 5? Dont worry, i broke out in Grade 4 and now im 18. Sucks doesnt it.

Well now i use prescription clindoxyl gel with bp in it.

It really prevents and fights acne well, i want it to clear my clogged pore, but thats gonna take a while since it has to peel the skin.

I am also going to try alpha hydrox lotion with glycolic acid. Its supposed to fade marks really quickly.

I used acv for my back and i find it works better for back instead of face. Well for me at least.

Some days i use lemon mask, because it really peels off damaged skin and makes it less oily. But too much irritates my skin.

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