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Do you rub in benzoyl peroxide or let it absorb?

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I have been off and on benzoyl peroxide and have never been sure about the directions of how you put it on. The directions on the box are "apply a thin layer", are you supposed to put a layer of it on without rubbing it in and let it absorb on its own into the skin or are you simply supposed to rub it in yourself? Thanks

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Rub it in hard and fast so it doesn't dry up on your skin and actually gets in your pore, thats what I did with Blotchla's regimen and he also said to go gentle. Gentle is not always the key, you will have reddness and everything going gentle or hard, you get better & faster results if you go hard.

I got clear in about a week.

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I would dispute that. It's extremely important to RUB the BP into your pores, but anything more than gently gliding your fingers around your face could lead to further irritation of your skin. Rememeber, the whole premise behind "the Regimen" is to minimize irritation of all sorts. When I apply BP, I put about a 1/3 of a finger on my lower half, rub that in gently for about 3-4 minutes (it is a process--but its vitally important if you want to see success), and then rub about a 1/4 of a finger into the top half of my face. Of course, everyone is different, and you may find more vigorous rubbing to be in line. But, if you watch the videos (which I highly recommend--the Regimen wasn't quite working for me and I had been on it for a few months, I recently watched the videos again and it's given me, so far, a second lease on good skin), you may find better results.

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I have heard of people that have been on the Regimen for 6 weeks and are just starting to notice results, I know for a fact me and MANY MANY others have been clear in as little as two weeks, some little using sa + bp. You will get red by using bp of any sort, if you rub it in hard it will not dry up and it will absorb in ur pore which is what u want u will notice the results

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It hurts to much to rub it in hard, depending on what kind of acne you have anyway. My cysts are so painful even my lightest touch causes discomfort. I guess it's a matter of personal preference, but seems like too much force will always cause irritation, no matter if you're rubbing bp on your acne or scratching a mosquito bite on your leg. If rubbing it on hard works for you though, that is great smile.gif

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