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Face hurts- Is moisturizer bad for acne?

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Hi! Thanks for clicking.

So I was told my derma that moisturizer is bad. It basically just clogs the pores. While I always really loved moisturizer and never saw it as a problem ( well depending on what I used ) he is very persistent in thinking that that is the main case of all my clogged pores. My parents have taken my moisturizer ( It was like this aveeno SPF 15 natural radiant one... seemed safe enough ) and I know where it is ( cuz lets face it they can't hide anything ). He also gave me Adapalene (otherwise known as Differin) Now I have been putting very small amounts of that on every night so I don't wake up with a red itchy face. And so far so good though I can tell I'm starting to break out. Even though my skin is not agitated it gets extremely dry. Even if I just get water on it or medicine ( he instructed me that its fine if I spot treat the Duac ) my face burns.

Now over the day my face creates oil and then my skin still feels dry but looks oily. That really seems to confuse me. Any way I want to know is there any moisturizer, not exactly out of personal experience because all skin types are different, but is there any he might approve of?

Its just so painful and my skin is so red and dry that I want a bit of comfort and to be able to put a little make up on. I almost cried in the girls bathroom at school while everyone was fixing their hair. They all look so pretty and then I have a bunch of red blotches and a face so dry it hurts to smile. Not like I have been doing much. Stayed inside Easter Sunday and didn't go to church because my face was so bad and that made me sad. Do you think you could help? Thanks. :)


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I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Carley's Clear and Smooth Midnight Moisturizer and Exotic Butter Moisturizer. I can use as much as I want without them clogging my pores or causing breakouts. You can see their website here:


$18 (plus $5 shipping if you live in the U.S.) might seem expensive for a moisturizer, but it's 8 ounces, and you only need a tiny amount, so it lasts a really long time. Plus you get a free bar of their all natural soap, which is hands down the best soap I've ever used (I have itchy skin with eczema on my legs) and my skin just feels amazing now.

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