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So my bacne has been under control but it is still there and I want it to not be there (I don't necessarily need a cure, just enough control for it to not be there anymore).


I'm a 16-almost-17 year old male and I have acne on my back (shoulders and my left side), acne on my neck (on the sides and back), on my upper chest (mostly blackheads that I know I shouldn't pop), and I little on my face (mostly around my face and forehead). I also have keratosis pelaris so I have little red bumbs on both triceps, on my thighs and on my buttocks. Along with this comes red cheecks (i've had the red cheeks for as long as I can remember, not sure about the bumbs).

After reading through this forum I decided to try and treak my acne with vinegar (white distilled 5% vinegar), I remember this cutting my acne down really well, but I stopped the vinegar for a little while and it hasn't gone away again. So now my regimen is:

get in shower

use lever 2000 original soap (what my mom got me) all over my body, use a luffah over my acne prone areas, finish my shower, towel dry, then I use my vinegar full strength on a cotton pad (cotton pad has aloe and supervitamin B5), I have a little bit of clean & clear 2% SA astringent left over from a while ago so I'm useing that up with the same cotton swabs, put on my shirt then go to bed in about 30 minutes.

So my big question is if there is anything I can change to my regimen that will help get rid of the backne. Also if there is anything that I can do to control my KP. With my KP I'm mostly just self-conscious about my face and my butt.

About the backne I remember seeing stuff on here about using dandruff shampoos because the Pyrithione zinc can help, I might start using neosporing since I have some, I've seen tee tree oil, and I'm starting to wonder if baking soda could help.

It would be great if my skin could be totally clear by summer. I'll answer any good questions and all I'll try anything. I'll also try and keep up to date on here about my acne. Thanks.

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Hey there, I think for your back acne regimen I might adjust the soap you're using on your back. A bar soap is probably not very effective, and tends to be drying (over-drying can cause more acne problems). If you're watching your budget you might try Neutrogena's body wash made especially for acne-prone areas, which has worked for some people.

What's worked the best for me, however (face and body) was a mixture of Proactiv face wash mixed with DDF Glycolic 5% Exfoliating Wash (http://www.ddfskincare.com/p-15-ddf-glycolic-5-exfoliating-wash-85-oz-250-ml.aspx). It's a pricey combo, especially with the DDF, but the bottle is pretty big and has lasted me for a few months now. It's helped tremendously, and is more effective than the Proactiv alone. I use the Proactiv toner and lotion on my face and back only once a day at night.

I have lots of ingrown leg hairs which is similar to your situation with KP as both are due to a build-up of skin cell clumps. I've tried exfoliating lotions as well as the DDF 5% wash but none of that made a difference. The only thing that helped was DermaDoctor's KP Duty scrub (http://www.dermadoctor.com/product_DERMAdoctor-KP-Duty-Dermatologist-Body-Scrub-with-Chemical-Physical-Medi-Exfoliation_1576.html). And yes, it is also really pricey, but you get a fairly large tub of it that should last for months. When I used it the first time, my legs were markedly smoother, but after the second and third uses there was less improvement, so it will really only take you so far. My advice is to get the DERMADoctor scrub from Sephora. Save your receipt and give it a try, and if it's not what you expected after a few uses, you can return it (that's the beauty of Sephora, ha, pun).

I've wasted a lot of money trying to find the right products, and combination of products, that work, but this seems to be the most effective for now. Let us know what helps!

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I have severe bacne aswell, but lately its been fading.

I shower with Clean & Clear or Oxy BP Cleanser (just on my back), using a body brush/luffah. I let it soak in for a min or 2 after the scrubing and the acne has decreased alot.

To fade the scars i use apple cider vinegar (50/50 water) and it helps alot with the scars. I have been trying this for 2 weeks and i see big improvement. Give it a shot too!

Its one of the cheapest regimen for bacne, and it must be done everyday or twice a day.

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Thanks guys. Next time I'm at walmart I'll look for a soap with BP in it. Would that work better? I think I've already tried the neutregena body wash.

I would try that DermaDoctor thing, but being a 16 year old guy, I don't know how I could just simply walk into Sephora without getting teased by other peers.

I'm going to need to look for a BP cleanser. I don't think SA works very well for me. How much is the BP cleanser about?

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