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I want to try something Natural , any tips ?.

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I've had Acne since being around 12/13. I'm 19 now and it's on both of my cheeks and it seems to only be getting worse. I've been using Benzoyl Preoxide for months now and whilst it seems to help it hasn't gotten rid of my acne and honestly I'd like to find out what is actually causing my acne and if I can get it under control.

Over the last 3 months I've lost nearly 3 stone. I have had an endoscopy ( camera down the throat ) which found acid refulx and erosion of the stomach and esophagus and have recently had a CT scan which I haven't yet had the results back for.

They also want to do a camera the other way :confused: but it's all for the best I suppose.

My doctor seems to really think I have Chrons desase. Whilst I'm crossing my fingers this isn't the case since birth I've always had stomach pain daily. Not terrible everyday but something I was always aware of.

This ties in with my acne because my diets always been ok but not brilliant , I usually get my 5 fruit and veg a day but in terms of looking after my skin I have no idea what to do. I want to get my diet the best it can be but I want to do it slowly. My one flaw is fizzy drinks , I have them literally every day. I can't even imagine how much sugar in take that must be.

I'm also very interested in doing a colon and liver cleanse , has anybody got any tips they could share on getting your diet better and doing these cleanses ?. I don't think it's what I'm missing in my diet but what I'm not getting.

I'm also interested in using a natural washing regime and have recently bought coconut oil for my face but honestly have no idea how to use it lol ?.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Vitamin e Oil and Turmeric powder

Mix them together and apply it on your face, leave it until its dry or overnight.

I am telling you this will do magic. i put it on for one day and my scars have already started fading and acne didnt grow more. ia m conitnuing this

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HI , your post sound interesting. I have used panoxyl before which contain benzoyl peroxide. I also tried natural herbal remedies. I would suggest that you continue using the benzoyl peroxide but you need to remember this okay?? " you should put only a very little amount of benzoyl peroxide on the affected area. Don't put too much because it will burn your skin and cause severe dryness. That's what happened. If you put very little amount but not too little just enough to cover the affected areas you will see the improvement within a week. I also suggest that you put tha benzoyl peroxide all over the affected areas because that's what I did and don't put it on single spot only.

For the natural remedy I recommend that you follow this step because I've done it and it's effective.


  • 1)Wash your face with Neutrogena Soap for senstive skin (it's a transparent facial bar) with warm water but not very hot. Wash your face 3 times. Tip: When you wash your face don't wash it too long and it should take 40 seconds per wash. 10 s on forehead 10 s on both cheeks, 10s on nose, and 10s on the chin and neck then rinse.
  • 2)Instead of using a toner, use a toner that has a green tea and peppermint on it. I recommend the ones that you can get from a superdrug store.
  • OR
  • If you want it the natural way, Use tomato( only the liquid bits) . This may stink but it's very effective. Put the tomato on your face then leave it until it dries on it's own.
  • 3)After that put a moisturiser. I recommend that you use an oil free moisturiser for sensitive skin. You can but these from local drugstores. I would also suggest that you ask the Pharmacist on the shop where your going to get the moisturiser from E.G. boots, superdrug.
  • 4)After you put on the moisturiser, let it totally dry for 2 minutes then put a thin layer on the benzoyl peroxide on the affected areas just like what I've told you in the beginning. After doing the morning routine don't touch your face afterwards just let it do it's own work unless your face gets oily. I recommend you use a really soft tissue and dab it in your face VERY gently on the oily areas then leave your skin unless it gets oily again.

The night routine is pretty much the same with the morning routine.


  • 1)Wash your face 3 times same as the morning routine.
  • 2)Put on the toner, I recommend use the tomato toner, leave it until it dries. You can but tomato fruit, squeeze it, put the liquids of the tomato on your face then eat the remains of the tomato as vitamins. Let it totally dry.
  • 3)After that, put the benzoyl peroxide.
  • 4)Then pray and go to sleep..

I hope this will help because It has helped when I decided to treat my acne on a natural way. Try it for 1 month and you should see a differenece. Let me know alright,,

Good luck and I hope that this piece of advice will help you for your recovery.. GOOD LUCK and God bless. Let me know if you have any questions. :surprised:

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Well I haven't washed my face even with water for 21 days. Results? I have one lipline whitehead left from yesterday at the moment that is not noticeable at all under my stache. Pretty sure this is as natural as it comes. I have not exfoliated at all... Just proving that all these things people keep doing just keep hurting the skin in the long run.

You think this guy washes his face?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

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Lol , three very different answers there !.

Thanks though , I appreciate all the advice. I'm very interested in having a colon cleanse after all these years of having problems with my stomach and that area in general.

I'm going to book an appointment on Tuesday to see my doctor and see what he thinks , I'd imagine he'll want me to wait for my results from the CT scan first.

I've just been and bought a lot of healthy food and fatening food I don't usually eat. Hopefully I can stick to be much healthier from now on.

I'm also going to order some dandelion root capsules and milk thistle capsules tonight. :)

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totally backing up japjeev on this one..

turmeric is fabulous.. u have no idea... while most apply it directly to their face, you can also cosume it ;)

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What kind of pain do you get? When I was eating gluten, I had daily painful bloating. But I have issues with breathing and what feels like heart burn or acid reflux on a regular basis, like a weird sensation going up my torso into my throat.

That is exactly what I get lol !. When I had my results back from the Endoscopy my doctor said this would have been the a mixture of the erosion and the acid reflux causing the problem.

They gave me some tablets called " omeprazole " which apparently clear up acid reflux and so far they've helped a little but I usually still get the breathing problem every night , just not as bad.

It's as if I have to breathe very deeply in order to get a satisfying amount of air in my lungs.

Have you had allergy tests ?. I'm going to ask my Doctor if I can have them done this week , if they wont let me I'll pay a local chemist who does them.

Thanks for all the other advice , it's appreciated. I've only being using water for the last few days to wash and it's all I've been drinking also along with pure apple juice.

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