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I'll be turning 30 next year and although I have always had oily skin I'd never thought I'd be struggling with Acne at this stage of my life. I pretty much had flawless skin for most of my life- that was until a little under 2 months ago.

Noticed that there were an incresing number of whiteheads and blackheads on the left side of my face. Freaking out, I went to see a derm in town; and was prescribed Retin A, Epiduo (For the day time), Isotexin Gel. Big mistake. Within 3 weeks, my face got much much worse. My temples, and cheeks developed into a pizza like texture. Figured that for someone like myself with ezcema, those medication might have done more harm than good. Using the medication for another 2 weeks, I figured that enough was enough, and chucked everything into the bin.

What started off as mild acne developed into being borderline severe. There are at least 8 pus filled pimples of varying sizes and about 12 more on both side of my cheeks. It really is not a pretty sight and I ended up having to work from home during one of the past weeks.

I visited a derm that my office mates recommended, and was advised to be put on 20mg Accutane once a day together with Erythromycin (4 tablets a day). And so here I am, day 3 on Accutane. I don't see that many changes so far; except maybe the pus is drying up a tad bit quicker, and my face is slightly less oily.

I'm really hoping this gets better fast, as I would be lying if I say that my confidence has not taken huge nose dive as a result of this current state of affairs. The question I usually get these days when I bump into someone I know in the office would be - "What happened to your face?" : (

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Hello there,

I know the feeling - My acne was never that bad, and I never heard comments about it until I went on the Retin-a. It seems to do more harm than good - so glad I've started accutane now.

Ill be keeping an eye on this :)


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If I'm not mistaken, Isotrexin Gel is a combination of isotretinoin (the same component as accutane) and erythromicyn... so basically, you started doing accutane externally... and you had an IB.. I think it can all be explained...

Accutane is a process, so don't expect a result over a month... It is a very gradual process, since your skin needs to regenerate, the deeper levels with clogged pores need to rise to the surface... So it might take 3-5 months to see significant results...

But good luck nonetheless, we are all here to support you.

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Yup- I think it was a case of too much stuff to put on at once. The first derm gave me isotrexin + epiduo + retin A + Vitamin C serum + Matifying gel. I know you should normally trust your derm on this- but I genuinely felt that it was doing more harm than good - considering that I've got mild ezcema.

So I decided to keep it simple ('simple' would probably be the last word you would use to describe Accutane- but you know what I mean). All I'm on right now is Acctuane and Jorubi gel for the dry areas.

1.618- I'll definitely be following your thread as well, considering we're starting at around the same time!

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So the past 3 days have been absolutely brutal for me. There's a cluster of huge pus filled pimples that just won't go away - the kinds with the pus showing pretty clearly. I've got tanned skin- so it makes it much more obvious. My niece came into my room to pick up some crayons last night- and she commented (she's 4) "Why is your face so bumpy"? For some reason, that hurt much more than the questions that I've been getting around the office.

It's gonna be a tough few months : (

Anyway- this is my current regiment

Cleanser - Custom formula from the derm. Used only in the evening. I just wash my face with plain water in the morning.

Aloe Vera Gel- for recovering pimples/ dried puss areas

Epiduo- for large pimples, once a day (I see myself getting off this once Accutane kicks in 100% tho. which should be soon I'm guessing)

Green bean soup . I come from an Asian family- and my mom swears by this stuff. She has been making this for me on a daily basis for the past 2 weeks. Tastes pretty good so I don't mind downing it all.

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So erm..guys..how should I put this- I'm pretty much acne free after only being on Accutane for 2 months (20mg) . I never expected it to work as fast or as well as it did. My Forehead has one pimple that is on the verge of drying up; but the rest of the face is clear. In fact, my cheeks have been clear for almost 3 weeks now.

Most of what is left now are just the red surface scars; but I guess considering where I was 2 months back, I'm not too bothered about this.

This is the current regimen I'm on going into the 3rd Month of Accutane [ My derm has upped it to 30 mgs].

Day and Night- Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream [Amazing Product. Cheap too!]

Day and Night- Cetaphil Cleanser

Day - Vitamin C Serum (For the Scars)

Side effects that I've experienced were pretty manageable. Just Dry Lips and Skin.

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