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Aviane acne issue

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Hi. So I just started taking this birth control to regulate my periods but I hate it! Its made my skin complete trash. My skin was really clear with the occasional break out on the chin or cheek and now I have very large painful cystic like acne and small clusters. Has anyone else had this problem? I really don't want to be on this pill anymore either so I am going to switch no matter what [its made me very mean and irritable and moody/depressed.] Is there a different BC [besides Yaz/yasmin/ocella] that you would recommend me to try for my skin? I was on sprintec the first time I used BC and it was amazing but it made me moody as well [not as bad as the crap I am on now.] Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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I took Aviane for 5 months and I HATED IT. It ruined my skin as well. The first month was fine...but the 2nd-5th months were awful. It made my back break out the worst actually. My shoulder blades and the top of my back broke out really bad. I took Ocella for a month before that...and that made me break out with more nodules the 2nd week. I had like 6 on my face at one time. I am on tri-sprintec now and it's not really helping my skin either...but I'm not sure if it's because of hormones or what. It also makes me really moody and bitchy all month. My doctor gave me minocycline to take for my skin because she thinks it's bacteria...but I haven't started it yet. So I don't really know how much help I have been other than telling you the same stuff you already know haha.

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You need to give any birth control pill at LEAST 3 months to see if will adjust with your body for the better.

Don't be afraid to ask your doctor about other options. For instance, it you are on monophasic, you can try tri-phasic, or try higher estrogen or lower progesterone.

Lots of options.

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