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how often do you exfoliate - men

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basically, i exfoliated today and i was actually amazed with how fresh i made the skin, even though there are marks from where i picked.

seems to me that i have found a moisturiser that dosnt break me out *IF as long as i exfoliate to stop it all building up over time.

Every day i was applying moisturiser and my skin got better and better, felt lovely aswell. and then it all must have built up and the fact i wasnt washing in the evening before bed, and i kept waking up with white heads due to oily skin i presume..

now that they have all come to fruition and ive popped them all, i am left with the post marks yet again. i am hoping to improve my regimen by including exfoliation with a gentle exfoliator i bought from ishtar skin lights about a year ago. its like brown sugar and stuff. seems good. doesnt have SA in it.

do you think the moisturiser was breaking me out in the oiler parts of my face because i was failing to wash it out/off correctly?

many thanks xx

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For me personally, using heavier moisturizers during the day tends to result in breakouts, but at night I can be more liberal or use heavier stuff. I exfoliate every day since I have the Pro X exfoliator with any cleanser (it's like a clarisonic), but as far as for scheduled exfoliating, I do this.

1-2 times a week, Mychelle's fruit enzyme exfoliator (has jojoba beads, so it's like a microfoliant type of product)

2-3 times a week, sulfur clay masks.

Most derms say it's best to exfoliate as often as your skin can healthily handle it. Redness after exfoliation is normal, but your skin should look great the next day, no excess peeling, tightness, or redness.

hope this helps!

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I've always considered exfoliating as gently washing my face in my morning shower with dove soap. Should I really use some product at a later point in the day too? My skin is very sensitive. And will using a toner after I shave help prevent breakouts or ingrown hairs? I recently switched from an electric razor to a normal blade and I have to admit I've never regularly used a toner or after-shave product.

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