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Popped pimple, gosh darnit!

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Alright, so you know seeded type acne. The ones that don't go away unless you pop them? Well I thought this pimple was that type, it had been sitting on my cheek bone for a good 2 months, never really bothered me but 2 nights ago, I decided I should pop it an get rid of it. Good idea? Or so I thought. When I popped it so much puss came out you thought it would of been the size of Mount Everest. I gave myself a pat on the back while I cleaned it with peroxide and went to bed pleased with my job well done. Yeah right? Popping a pimple could never work that well. I woke up to a huge red irritated spot...absolutely impossible to cover with make-up. I now have 2 of these bad boys on face that I need the scabs to fall off by Sunday, ya' know since it is Easter and I really don't wanna be caught dead anywhere with these on my face. I have vaseline on them right now, would you suggest just leaving vaseline or putting a liquid bandage on over the vaseline? Do you think these will be healed up enough to cover by sunday? I don't have and polysorn or neosporn available at this moment. I am in desperate need for some help!

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honestly the best thing to do is leave vaseline on it and at night leave it to get the air.

skin heals best with a mix of being moist and dry. I have 3 of these marks just now. one between the eyebrow, one on the right of the cheek and one on the left of the cheek, all profile. meaning when i look straight on at someone, boom!

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Is there no way for you to get polysporin? Not sure if vaseline works the same way. But polysporin will keep it from scabbing up. It won't look great by Easter but it will be easier to cover with makeup. It really needs 3-4 days to look A LOT better. And it will also prevent infection.

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