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My acne story and my version of the Paleo Diet for hormonal balance

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Hi Guys

I have been on a version of the paleo diet for a few weeks now and I think it's helping, amongst other things.

I used to have the birth control implant (just had it removed a few months ago) which I think was contributing to my acne, which the Dr's told me to control with Doxy, Differin and Eryacne gel. Well they stopped working eventually, and I got such bad cystic acne I couldnt believe it.

I went to a naturopath who tested my hormones and put me on herbal medication to balance them (I think I have estrogen dominance) however my acne was still soooo bad I was forced to go back onto a new antibiotic - minocycline.

Around the same time as starting the mino I began to cut out the following foods:

Red Meat

Grains (esp. rice and corn)






Beer & wine

I then went on holiday for a week where I basically did nothing but sit by the pool in the sun all day, and by then end of the week I had not broken out in any new cysts, and 2 weeks later there have been no more either! So vitamin D deficiency was a big factor for me.

My daily diet consists of:

.5 - 1 whole sweet potato (beta carotene/Vit A)

Lemon juice (Vit C)

Spinach-type greens




Any veges

Nuts (brazil, Almonds)

Pumpkin Seeds

Himalayan crystal salt (occasionally)

I also only drink vodka with soda when I drink alcohol.


Morning - fresh lemon juice, paraben free moisurizer.

Night - Cetaphil to wash my mineral makeup off, lemon juice and paraben free moisturizer.

I really really hope that its the sunshine and the diet that is helping, not the mino. I think they might be big factors because mino usually takes 3 months to work and I have been taking it consistently for less than 1. But I seriously had to do something drastic because the lower half of my face was BRIGHT RED with healing and new acne that wouldnt stop sprouting.

Anyway right now I'm 85% clear, but still have dull marks that I hope to fade further with the lemon juice.

I will give the mino 3 to 6 months. Once my skin is to my satisfaction (which means I can go out without makeup) then I will wean myself off slowly - as in half a tablet a day for a month or so, then 1/4 per day etc.

This diet should also work to balance my hormones, together with the Progestalift (Vitex angus castus and other stuff).

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Ok so I've stopped taking the Progestalift again.

I have broken out with 1 new jawline zit every day after taking it, after so long with no new bad ones (not that these are bad, but they exist which is bad enough) so I can say that either the Vitex in the Progestalift doesnt agree with me, or a combination of the other herbs.

Either way it's in the bin. At least they are only on my jaw, thank god.

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