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I thought I'd share my experiences with how diet affects my acne. It's a bit of a long read.

Delayed Results

Two summers ago I decided to cut out as much processed sugar as I could. By the end of the summer, I had nothing but fading red marks left over. With me unable to find a job upon graduating college (I graduated right after the economy collapsed) I had to move in with my parents, who lived 2000 miles away at the time. So I fell into a sort of depressed mode and my bad eating habits from mid-late teens returned. However, it took a maybe a good 5-7 months of eating poorly before some of my acne really resurfaced. So the point here is, diet is a delayed effect both ways. Just because you aren't seeing something happen the next day from eating good or bad, it doesn't mean its not contributing long-term.


When some of the acne came back, I was in complete denial that diet had anything to do with it. I didn't want to believe it. I wanted to keep eating my daily portions of cookies, ice cream, and whatever other junk I craved regularly. And that was just it. The fact is that I (we) have some kind of disease. And just because the effects of diet may be delayed, doesn't mean you have to listen to some inept doctor who will tell you that just because eating junk may not make you break out today or tomorrow, that it will not have any long term effects.

If You're Still In Denial

So why didn't you have it as a child? Why does it go away when we grow up? I don't know if you have noticed, but growing up our diets just change on their own. I don't know about, but when I was young it was all about the sweets. But when I was young, I didn't have any hormones (yet) going crazy over a bad diet. Then when we finally grow up, and we don't eat as much as crap as we did in teens, and plus with declining hormone levels, for many that alone will make their problems go away. But not for all... If you're going to continue to say "well Susan and Joe over there can eat cake and pizza all day and not have any acne" then go tell that to a true diabetic who could actually die today from eating junk.

I had Diet All Wrong Growing Up

I used to think that fat in general was bad, and that carbs were okay. Boy did I have that wrong entirely, and it wasn't until this past month that I realized that. A perfect example is breakfast: either 2 eggs mixed into half an avacado or 2 almond flour based pancakes loaded with good fats versus a bowl of cereal simply loaded with carbs. The difference is me getting hungry at 10AM (the latter) versus well into the noon hour (the former). And a higher fat/protein diet works out perfectly for someone like me who goes to the gym (to lift) 4-5 days a week. Also, learning that carbs do spike your blood sugar levels (which could set off your hormones and cause acne to flare up) was even more the reason to move my diet away from them. Point here: if you feel you some case of "skin diabetes:, which is what I am beginning to believe based off results I've been seeing, try keep carbs to a minimum as well. But... I find you don't have to cut them out entirely, which is next.

All or Nothing?

That's pretty extreme to be honest, and doesn't apply for most of us, including me. However, that doesn't mean you should get careless in your diet. You should be trying to go all-in the best you can. For example, in my case, I still get a little processed sugar from this yogurt that I eat (which I'll soon remove) and from the V8 and carrot juice that I drink. But in total, if I had to estimate how much processed sugar (off the labels) that I intake daily now... I'd say anywhere from 20-25g, which is significant reduction from the ~150g that I was probably taking in previously. The same goes with wheat-gluten based carbs. I still have maybe two small slices of bread, and a single slice of pizza over the weekend, but again, compared to the bowl of cereal, sandwich, bagel, 2 donuts, and etc, it's a significant reduction. And so far, this has been good enough. But I feel I can do better, and I will. The interesting thing now is that I want to do better. I'm no longer forcing myself to do this. I'm not going to lie, it really sucked at first. But once you find something that starts working, you don't want to go back.

Are You Doing It Right?

I'm not trying to be immature here, but I feel this a good way to see if you're doing your diet right. And that is... do you wipe completely clean on the first try after taking a non-greasy number 2. Because if you do, that suggests your colon is clean. For the entire time I've been on my diet (a solid 3+ weeks now) I've been wiping clean on the first go. I've never once in my life had that go on for longer than maybe a day or two. If you find yourself with frequent mud-butt, then you should look into that, because you're leaving a lot waste up in there which could be finding its way back into your bloodstream.

Overall Diet Changes

- Vitamin D3 (500% DV) and 50mg Zinc (333% DV) daily in the morning with breakfast

- Processed sugar being kept to a minimum

- Regular Carbs (cereal, breads, etc) replaced with fats in general (avocados, almonds/walnuts, eggs)

- Bad carbs (junk food) replaced with various fruits

- Vegetables now a large portion of snacks along with the fruits

- Beverages replaced with low sodium V8 and carrot juice


It's already starting to show and I'm not even a full month in yet. In fact, at this rate I may be back to the faded red-mark state I was in nearly two years in about half the time it took then. (Which would be in about another 3 weeks). Anyway, that's about it from what I've observed. Hope it helps some of you out.

What To Do Next

Unfortunately when you completely change up your diet, and you'd like to pinpoint your exact cause for acne, it's hard to do so. Because you're basically treating yourself for everything: blood sugar spikes, zinc deficiency, B5, etc all of which could on their own be the sole cause of your acne. What I plan to do is get a blood test in about 2-3 weeks. And if everything is okay, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing right now. Who knows? Maybe being healthy from here on out will add a good 10 years to my life?

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