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Accutane in the UK

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What's the best way to get it?

I was prescribed accutane for the first time in November 2009. Now, my acne's coming back after months of clarity. I'm sure my dermatologist won't hesitate to prescribe me it again - because she has in the past when it's been better than it is now - but it does mean that I've got at least 6 weeks to wait before I can see actually her. I'm supposed to be going on holiday with my girlfriend and finishing my final term of university during that period of time too...

Are there any other ways to get accutane? I know of private appointments - and I'd be willing to pay for one if it could be organised soon enough. But I was wondering if there are any walk-in clinics in London or something similar. Somewhere I can just walk in, take a seat and then see a dermatologist without having to wait for 50 days.

Is there anything like this?

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If you ring your/another derm saying that you really can't deal with your acne any longer, they might make a sooner appointment.

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Hi, I am in the UK also so I feel your pain with the waiting times on the NHS! I don't know whether you have thought about the possibility of having an initial breakout if you did get Roaccutane sooner than your planned appointment? Also it may sensitise your skin to the sun also, which would not be good for going on holiday. Why don’t you try getting Epiduo gel from your normal GP, its supposed to have a similar action to Roaccutane, whereby it purges the skin? I got this topical gel after finishing Roaccutane as a maintenance tool.

Sorry I didn't answer your question but hopefully I have given you a few things to look into?

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