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Glycolic Acid 30% for red marks hyperpigmentation left from acne.

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Hi guys!

i´m new here on acne.org and i would like some help from you guys that now a little more than me when it comes to skin care. Now i have bought glycolic acid 30% and it is my first time using it. When i applied it to my face and waited for 2 min, i didnt feel anything. I´ve read that it will sting and so on but i didnt feel a thing. I want to ask you ppl that knows a little more about peels and thoose who is still trying it, is it normal to not feel anything? Does it have to sting? Maybe i dont have that sensitive skin as others?

I really want answers, i wanna know if am doing something wrong or its normal. Thanks for answers and take care ppl.

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As someone who has put many, many products on my face, I think my skin does not feel that much anymore. It's like I desensitized my face to pain. I'm sure people will disagree, but I find that my skin does not feel irritated by products, even if the product does irritate my skin. So your skin might just be used to painful products. I used glycolic acid 10% and that was supposed to sting, but didn't. I think you are fine.

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I also recently bought a glycolic acid 70% peel which i diluted with about equal parts moisturizer and left on for a minute and a half. Felt a slight burning sensation but it did not hurt at all, it was very slight. So maybe not everyone feels the sting.

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