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I figured out a way to reduce initial breakout! works for me...

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So heres what i do. Since my skin is naturally oily, when i started accutane it got ten times worse, i didn't want a breakout either so i started brainstorming, and decided on this:

:::1) Got some cetaphil wash/cream

::2) THE SECRET: Got some oil blotting tissue.

Basiclly, when my face was oily i used some blotting tissue, (wasted ALOT), then moisturized my skin to prevent to much drying! washing my face with cetaphil each morning and at night. Blotting tissue throughout the day with moisturizer. thats it!

It helps me, even though STILL get some breakouts they are very minor, and go away fast.


week three of accutane!

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Guest Timehealsall

i wondered the same thing... if oily skin is what causes acne for some... will blotting fix that?

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Hello Castro,

Just a tip that my ex gf taught me. It is so smart, but a little unappealing at first. haha anyway instead of wasting all your money on small oil blotting sheets. Use toilet seat covers! They work so well! One sheet for my entire face is perfect. I just bring my backpack into a clean restroom at school and steal one and put it in my backpack. It lasts for months!!!

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I didn't really have an initial breakout. The only new pimple I got was a sorta-big painful-one-when-I-touch-it pimple, but I was at the fair that day and I ate 2 corn dogs and was near stands that you can feel your face getting oily just by standing near it.

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