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acne and tonsil stones

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For the past year I've had acne on my back and tonsil stones. The acne I get is cystoid and appears over night; when/if it develops a head, lots of sebum comes out.

I used to get this same kind of acne on my throat just below my jawline, but since I've changed my shampoo/conditioner to an organic, non sulfate, non paraben brand I generally no longer get it there. I also started using Derma Klear (a sulfur based acne treating soap) on my back and it has helped. I've also recently started using Neutrogena salicylic acid spray. This topical treatment helps clear the acne, but doesn't prevent it from returning.

So, I feel like there's an internal connection between the sulfur producing bacteria which causes tonsil stones to smell so rank and the acne that's on my back. For some reason(s) I've got too much sulfur in the back of my mouth and not enough preventing my acne and/or causing my acne.

Lactose intolerancy is the shared "cause" between the two. I've never had a problem with lactose and I'm a pescatarian and aside from the fish, nearly vegan. So, I think something else is causing the two, something gastro- or endocrine related.

"Think" is probably more like hope. It would be nice to kill two birds with one stone, preferably with a homeopathic solution.

Any suggestions/comments would be great.

As a side note, when I get acne on my face, it's around my jawline/chin/throat area and it's the same kind that I get on my back. My skin regiment treats well, so my face is pretty clear. My regiment is:

Night--Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser, Boots sensitive skin toner and Boots botanical light night cream.

Day--Aveeno brightening scrub, Boots toner and Neutrogena sensitive skin lotion with spf 50

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Have you considered talking to a doctor about this? No one on this board is a doctor, and while they might have good theories on what it might be, they don't really know.

My suggestion is that you go and speak to your GP and get proper answers from someone who can actually help you.

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