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Does anyone find it harder to deal with people taking the piss out of you're acne when you're an adult more than when you're a kid. I know it's stupid but looking back on all the shit i got at school for my acne i just shrug it off as stupid kids being immature but when an adult does it, it feels just that little bit worse.

I'm standing outside a club and some man who i don't even know who must of been well ito his forties calls me pizza face and spotty and when i confront him about it the coward says "oh . . . .errr . . . .yeah i was talking about that other guy" despite the fact there was no other guy with acne there.

Then so called friends who i thought looked past my acne start taking the piss and making comments about my "huge spots" and what's annoying is they do it when they're right near me but they try to do it without me hearing. It's just annoying that at nearly 25 years of age i have to put up with this from fellow adults, at school i can accept but is it any wonder i hide myself away when as an adult you're still judged on you're skin! :rolleyes:

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I guarantee that any guy that decides to take a shot at you because of your skin, wont ever be able to give a woman a proper orgasm.

And any girl that says something about your skin most likely lacks character or class and is only worth a quickie in an airport bathroom stall.

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Any "adult" that makes fun of an aspect of someones appearance that they have no control over, is not truly an adult. These types of people lead shallow and empty lives. They are the type of people who need to put others down to feel better about themselves. Yes, it hurts, but try to tell yourself that you are a better person than they will ever be and true adults that hear another "adult" mock someone, do not think it's cool and will think less of that person for doing it.

Oh and good for you for confronting him. That takes real courage to do that, and maybe just maybe he'll think twice before putting someone down like that again. Once reason people say things like that is they don't expect the person on the receiving end to defend themselves.

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