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Johnny5's log

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-Forehead gets little bumps and red marks.

-Whiteheads, occasionally, but not to much anymore

-Blackheads on the nose, tried everything, not to noticeable so I have come to a truce with them happy.gif.

-Cysts. God I hate these things.

Problem spots I have are around my nose and at the top of my nose between my eyes, which I concentrate on. And of course my forehead.

Other problems I have are emphizima, I think it's called. Get it on the eyelids and around the ears. Always watching out for that.


Wake up in the morning and do nothing tongue.gif About mid afternoon, take a swim. Heavily clhorinated pool, as it's the apartments. A couple or so hours after that, take a shower before bed and used a cleanser in the shower and follow up with a washing with 10% BP in the shower. Get out, dry, and hit the hay.

Also on an antibiotic the derm gave me, keeps the cysts away, but there's Hell to pay if I miss a day.



Eh, I've been doing this for a week now, and noticing some clearing up in the forehead. Whiteheads are pretty much nonexsistant anymore, save fore a few on occasion, which I don't mind. With the BP, they go away in a day or two. I plan on going to the derm again soon to see if he has any other medicines for the cysts. Blackheads, I just don't know what to do with them. They appear to be under the skin, so I can't squeeze them out. Last night, using a pair of tweezers, I kind of dug one out. It was very nasty. A big glob of white goo was inside. Anyways, expect that pore to be filled soon again sad.gif

GOing to get a tan on my face, see if that won't get rid of the scarring left from the cysts. Here's hoping!


Thanks happy.gif.

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Well, keeping up with my regimen mostly. Swim at least once a day, shower and use BP at least once a day, taking that medicine twice a day. My forehead looks remarkably clearer, so chalk up another victory to Dan's regimen happy.gif. So my greatest and pretty much only bane now is my scars left from my cysts sad.gif These look really nasty.

What I think I'm going to start doing is BPing in the morning at at night instead of just at night. Makes my cyst scars less noticeable after coming out for a while. Still never got that tan on my face but I'll give that a try. And definetly get to the derm, hopefully by the end of this week! I'll update after that with whatever new information I can get.

I just especially hate how my cyst scars seem to all center around one spot, which is the left side of my face (from my view), a little to the left and lower of my mouth. But oh well.


Going to start doing the vinegar method, along witht he tape methon EVERY NIGHT. I did the tape method sporadically, but now it will be everynight along witht he vinegar method.

So, wish me luck happy.gif.

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