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Question about Moisturizer

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Hey all,

New user here, I ordered Dan's product because it had more good reviews than not and was cheaper than most acne stuff out there.

I just have a couple questions about it.

First off, I understand that weird reactions to the BP are typical and usually happen within the first 2 weeks of usage. Well I'm on my third week, my acne is significantly greater, but I think the moisturizer is giving me some sort of rash. And maybe a tan on top of that.

I DID read through some of the message board and noticed that other people are experiencing this problem.

Instead of co-sympathy, I would really appreciate solutions. Does anybody know of a moisturizer (preferably organic) that will serve the same purpose?

I know it's the moisturizer because the rash occurs on my neck. I only use BP on certain parts of my neck (right along and underneath my jawbone) but I use moisturizer half way down my throat (dry skin issues). The rash spreads down there also - hence, moisturizer's fault. Also, my neck was itching, so I thought "oh, dry skin. let me lather MORE moisturizer on." My neck still itches. The rash goes away as the day progresses, but the itch doesn't.

And why on earth am I getting a tan? It's hardly noticeable to other people, but I can see it happening. Is it because of the yellow color? I have more of a pink pigmentation, instead of white, but I can still see a line on my neck where my normal coloring becomes tanner. Does the tan eventually go away? How long does it take?

Any solutions?

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