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Accutane and sunbeds

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I know i know, sunbeds cause cancer and all that, but I never ever tan. Every summer I get terrible sunburns, which are really bad for you as well. So I thought about using a sunbed this summer, so that I have a bit of a tan, and so I'll be less likely to get a sunburn. In the end, it will be just as bad for my skin as getting a horrible sunburn, but I'll look better and have less pain ;)

I'm not interested in any 'Dont do it, it's sooo bad for you, you'll die' blahblahblah comments, I already know it's not healthy! Not planning on making it a habit!

Now, the real reason for this topic!

I'm currently on roaccutane, an 8-month course of 30 mg/day. Of course I know Im not supposed to go under a sunbed while on roaccutane, but Im getting off in 9 days, and I was wondering how long I should wait. I read somewhere that you should wait until your skin stops flaking and goes back to normal. But since my dosage is that low, I dont really have a flaking skin. I looks normal, the only difference is that the acne's gone..

Any advice?

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I heard that you should wait at least a month after you finish, if you want to do activities such as sun soaking, whether natural or artificial. Personally, I would wait a month. Im in my 2nd month at a higher dosage and my skin isn't flaking at all so I wouldn't use that as a gauge to see if you're ready for a sunbed.

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I would try to stay away from the sunbeds. If you are desperate then I would do like a sunless tan. One person on here a while back mentioned something about a spay tan. If it were me I would look into some type of "fake" tan.

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