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Today I was at two drugstores and noticed two newer products that seem to be "hot" right now & wanted to share. I have no idea if any of these work, which is why I'm curious about all your inputs. Also post anything else new & interesting you've noticed/tried/have questions about.

A one hour pimple killing patch made by AcneFree - Wtf? Anyone every used this/have expirience? I wonder if this is a waist/scam/actually works. I did note that there was one left in stock at the first drugstore I was at, and none at the second (Its in demand) Wtf is up with this thing?

Lorial's new acne cleanser - It was sold out at both drugstores today, I only noticed it because while I was browsing the skincare section & a lady who worked there actually approached me - told me if I'm looking for something to wash my face: use this product because it helped her daughter clear up acne; it was sold out though... So many people online are claiming its dope/praising it. Whats going on with this thing? It just seems like a simple S.A. Cleanser to me...

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This "one hour pimple killing patch" sounds like the biggest scam I have ever heard of... I hate how big companies exploit peoples acne and use it as a way to make money.

They could possibly both sold out because

A) They're new products and everyone is trying them out

B) They're new products and the companies don't have all that many in circulation/delivery yet?

Just a thought :)

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I have to admit I was one of those people who fell for the one hour pimple patches i bought two of the travel sizes for 6 bucks. My face is normally bad but all the sudden I got a HUGE cyst about an inch and a half below my eye. I have senior pictures this Saturday and I was looking for anything to help shrink it.

I used the 1 hour patch and at first I saw no difference but I rubbed in some extra stuff and went to sleep. When I woke up it was a lot smaller and the redness surrounding it shrunk some. I kept putting on the "activator" and I think it helps a little (it has 5% bp.) I def. don't think its worth the money but until pictures are over I might keep trying this patch to try and make it go down a little more.

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Clean and Clear or some other big drugstore brand use to carry zit patches too. The first ones released were flesh colored, but since obviously people have different skin tones they made clear ones. This is not a new idea. I wouldn't put it on pustules, unless you wanna rip those suckers off....LOL

Honestly, the active ingredient is salicylic acid. Nothing special at all.

Loreal,Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, etc come out with new cleansers every year and discontinue ones that don't sell well. Which L'oreal face wash are you speaking of specifically?

They have the Go 360 with a scrubber pad, and it doesn't look unique or good at all except for the scrubber pad that comes with it. I've been tempted several times to just buy it and toss the cleanser.

Then they have an acne kit with your basic benzoyl peroxide/salicylic acid combo. No big whoohoo there...

Am I missing one?

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