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Dried fruit versus regular fruit

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What's up people?

I've had a hard time with snacks since I started on my diet, and I currently am operating on the idea that prunes contribute to a break out. I mean prunes of all things!

Still, they are a dried fruit, and they do contain this one preservative that's supposed to be the safest of them. So the question is this - how does dried fruit typically stack up? And I'm not really talking about the perservative aspect, although I guess it can be important.

Like, for example, do you end up taking in more sugar with dried fruit?

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Well i heard that most dried fruits arent naturally dried up. SO im not sure if that can be related but you never know.

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This is a shot in the dark, but with dried fruits, it's not that you are getting more sugar per fruit, but it's that you are eating a lot of fruit. More fruit = more sugar.

Takes prunes, which at one time were plums. Most people eat a plum or maybe two at a time. The fruit is much larger because of its high water content.

Prunes are like small little candies. I know I can eat a handful of prunes, 5 or 6, very easily. I just ate 6 plums in two minutes!

I'm not sure if the sugar in the fruit changes at all when it is dried.

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I think this is the problem. I eat I'd say 10-15 prunes per sitting because they're just damned lovely, and they do seem to hit that sugar fix. Surely there has to be something that's nice that doesn't cause acne. This is starting to get annoying.

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