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I'm getting microdermabrasion

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Soo....I went to a D.O. for an isolaz consultation. He told me that isolaz is for people with "pussy" pimples which I do not have. I do however have red marks and indentations...He didn't call it indentations though, I forgot the word he used. He reccomended microdermbrasion treatments every two weeks. So my first treatment is Friday....

I guess I'll let you know how it goes. Did anyone here have it done. There are a lot of mixed reviews.

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Guest frogskinshoelace

How much does it cost?

I had very severe red marks/scarring a year ago, but through laser Im on the home stretch of having perfectly clear skin. I can't afford to keep getting laser work done, so I need a way to finish it off. I may ask my derm about microdermanbrasion next time I go.

Let us know how it goes, Ill be following.

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Congrats on your success.

It was $150...My birthday present :/

I'll let you know how it is

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I was thinking of microdermabrasion as well BUT, I found this amazing product that is Even better so I'm told. After two uses, my red, scar-like marks are disappearing! I cried when i looked in the mirror this morning. It's the NeoStrata Skin Renewal Duo. (crystals and activator). It's like a microdermabrasion but without the handheld thingy....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :surprised::surprised:

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Alright so...I found out that what I was getting is actually a "micropeel." Step one is microdermabrasion. Step two is a chemical peel. They combine the words.

The microdermabrasion just felt like suction. The best way I can describe it is imagine that tube they use at the dentist to suck up all the saliva. It's like that, but bigger, and it's rubbed across your skin. Not painful, but not comfortable.

The chemical peel hurts! It's really strong. It's not unbarable though!

My face was red at first, but the redness is going away. Now only one of my checks is really red.

My face feels cleaner and fresher. I have to wait two hours from the time of treatment to put makeup on again.

Overall, not a bad experience. I hope this works.

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