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Help clear skin, works with water

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anyone seen this? thoughts? looks fairly promising..

> http://www.workswithwater.co.uk/pages/help-clear-skin.aspx

It seems that lactoferrin works by reducing bad bacteria in the body. I get a little nervous when something claims to only kill ‘bad’ bacteria. Antibacterials will kill both good and bad bacteria in the body because they are virtually the same to a foreign substance.

If lactoferrin kills off good bacteria too, once you stop taking it, you will probably have breakouts or digestive issues.

It sounds like you can get the better results with a colon flush and a round of probiotics.

Otherwise, do as much research as possible and make a decision based on your needs.

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One of the most frustrating parts about life is bad skin and acne. Some people are fortunate enough to only get the occasional blemish, while others, no matter what age, are plagued with harsh, red pimples and bad skin. It can quickly become a root to problems like social humiliation, low confidence, not attracting to the opposite sex, etc.

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Lactoferrin kills off bad bacteria in a few ways. One is by protecting iron in foods that you eat from feeding bad bacteria and instead, being absorbed by your body. It "suffocates" bacteria. There is actually a very prominent study in which men and women were fed kefir only in one group and kefir with lactoferrin added in another. Both groups reduced acne and sebum output, but the one with the lactoferrin added reduced their acne by even more. I take it and I really think it can help people with bacteria problems.

Here's the link to the study. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20692602

I don't know if I would buy that product though. It is probably more expensive than the pills I take. Note the amount of lactoferrin the study patients took per day was over 400mg a day while the product you are showing only has 100mg a dose of whatever Praventin is. It doesn't say how much actual lactoferrin. I take 2 pills of 250mg a pill Jarrow Formulas Lactoferrin per day... Make sure you stay on it for over a month before you think its not working. The study took 8 weeks.

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