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I just received my Nucelle order. It is the ''Spa System kit for normal/oily skin''.

There are 7 products in the kit as I ordered the ''Sun protection'' separate and they gave me an eye cream as a present (so nice of them as I really wanted their eye cream also but I just couldn't afford it).

They also have a kit for Acne/ Trouble- prone skin but I think that would be too strong for me to start with as it has the Mandelic Acid 15% and I want to start with the 10% one.

I have combination skin: oily T-zone, dry cheeks, tons of blackheads on my nose and chin (the ones on my chin are very deep :rolleyes: ) and some red patches on my nose and around my nose (where the blackheads are).

I didn't try the products yet.

I have been reading about Nucelle on this board and on another one and most people say that Nucelle worked for their blackheads and their skin looked much better.

As the posts are a bit old, I would like to hear from people that have been using these products recently.

So what is your experience with Nucelle?

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Hi, I recently received my nucelle serum samples (10/15%) and have been using the 10% for probably around 2 weeks now, possibly even more. It's definitely lasting a long time for being a free sample which is cool.

So far so good though, I realize this is no permanent fix or cure for the internal/root cause of acne but if it can help someone deal with it any better, then why not, right? I thought about taking some before pictures in macro mode with the camera to compare with ever few weeks but never ended up doing it. Probably because I feared being disgusted and having a bad day over it.

I can already tell it has faded them on my nose and forehead quite well. I never had big prominent blackheads on those two areas though, they're more like micro comedones that were present in most of the pores and you could only really see up close in the mirror, or in the right kind of light that would reveal the 'bumpiness' of the skin. They sometimes gave my skin a gritty/sandpaper like feeling. The mandelic acid has absolutely helped with that, and when I go up close and look at them it's like they're slowly being dissolved or eaten away at. The skin on these areas is now quite smooth to the touch, too. It hasn't done anything too noticeable for my actual inflamed acne though, I don't suffer from much of it as my case is mostly comedonal but it seems like the serum is helping those red/brown leftover spots to fade faster.

I have not experienced any peeling or sloughing though, which I thought was to be expected. I kind of wanted this to happen to see if it would even out the complexion and give me the glow they claim it should. Maybe the 15% will make me peel. I do lightly scrub with baking soda in the shower once every few days though, and after I do, I sort of vigorously (applying alot of pressure here, I am pretty red after this for a few minutes, it's like a really rough/harsh face massage) rub/buff my face with the pads of my fingers all over and it removes alot of what I assume is dead skin.

anyways so far so good and I'll keep trying it for a while, doubt they'd send me free samples again but I think they're only a few bucks and if they last a few weeks that's actually pretty cheap for something that seems to be working. I'll try to report back when i have finished my bottle of 10% and have spent a few weeks on the 15.

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Finally I decided to use the Nucelle kit.

Last night, I put on my face only the mandelic acid serum. It was absorbed very fast but for a moment it left a shiny but not greasy film on my face though I didn't check after 10mins to see if it is still there.

Then I went to sleep and in the morning my face was clearer but on my chin I have a huge red bump and on my right side of my face, close to the nose, I have a red spot so probably I am already starting to purge. That's quite fast. Last night I had a pimple on my nose and in the morning, after I washed my face with Mandelic Wash and put the Toner on my face, that pimple just went away while I was with the cooton pad on it.

So in the morning I used: the wash, the toner, the serum and the eye cream. I didn't use the Moisturiser as I stay inside and I didn't use the scrub as I just started using these products.

So far so good. No nasty reaction. Just those 2 spots... but maybe I have them because my ''that time of the month'' is close.

Anyway, all the products I've used were absorbed fast, my pores are smaller and my face is clearer.

I will keep using these products and hopefully they will work for me.

PS: For the last 2 weeks I have been using Skinoren (Finacea) and a fruit acids moisturiser on my face so my skin is already used to acids.

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