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About my journey till now;

I'm 19 and have had back acne since the age og 12(moderat to severe i guess). At the age of 16, unfortunately I also started getting it on the chest too(light). So this is the places it is bothering me the most.

Though is might be worth mentioning that I have some whiteheads on the forhead as well, but it's

getting better.

It is first this year that I've started really treating it, except avoiding sugars for the last 4 years. I'm just sad I didn't start before.

I still don't feel comfortable taking of my shirt in public and I haven't even told my friends about it.

But well, so about a year ago I really fell in love with this guy(which I'm still) and my acne really started bothering me mentally, and I still feel that it stops me from doing lots of things I want.

So this was the reason I went to a dermatologist this year. The reason I haven't done it before, is that I've been brought up by holistically orientated parents, who was convinced that my problem could be solved through diet. However, I didn't really listen to them... I guess because they are my parents haha.

The first thing the dermatologist did was suggesting Accutane. I'd been reading lots of stuff in the internet, but all the questions I'd prepared in the 2 months I'd been on waiting list, just totally vanished from my mind - I couldn't think and I almost started crying, which was pretty imbarrasing..

I was stunned. As far as I know Accutane is normally the last resort - and I'd never been on any medication before!! I told her that I'd started using Clindoxyl creme(2. week) and she told me that it wouldn't work for me.

When I asked her why I had this problem, she said that she didn't know. Nice. I'd been waiting 2 months to hear that.

I decided not to go on Accutane and thought instead of birth control, so I got an appointment with my doctor. Again I'd been reading up to ask him questions - and he told me I shouldn't read so much on the internet.

At this point I started wondering if doctors are actually able to do to more then write prescriptions..?

However I didn't do birth control either, thanks to the information I got on the internet - not from my doctor. I mean, whats the point in taking them if you just ruin your hormon balance even more getting of it again some years later?

The Clindoxyl creme DID actually work - and right now, 3 months later, I'm almost clear.

It feels so NICE!! - and that's why it's so hard to stop using it now. It was kind of a rebel against my parents at the first place I guess, using it..

Well well well, thanks to TheLoveVitamin.com and others I've decided to go with a more holistically and long lasting solution.

SO I've taken a cold-turkey from the Clindoxyl creme.



1-2 cups of vegetable juice

3 cap. Solaray Multidophilus (probiotics)

Lemon juice for spot treatment and minimizing pores' size and visibility.

I'm thinking of adding fish oil or Evening primrose oil, or Colostrum later when I see how the probiotics works.

As for foods;

I'm a vegetarian so I already eat meats except from fish.

I've been avioding sugars for the last 4 years and now I'm also going to take out all dairy Instead of "real" cow milk I drink rice and almond milk.

I'm also going to cut down on the bead (I use eat a lot of bread, fibers though.)

My plan is to focus on eating lots of vegetables and some fruits that are low on sugar. (apples, berries etc.)

In the past years I've also had a almost crazy fear for fat in general so it's going to be interesting to se what happens with the fish/evening primrose oil, when added!


Well I admit I don't do that a lot!

I'll try to get out and run min. 1 times a week. (The weather is so nice right now so there's no excuse. ;) )

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So okay, you have your regimen. Is that it? Are you avoiding any foods in particular (aside sugars)? How about dairy or gluten?

Either way, good luck!

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I've been taking probiotics; 1 in the morning and 2 before bed.

I haven't any really noticeable change on my back or chest, but I gues that might still be do to the Clindoxyl creme.

I've gotten two whiteheads on my upper arm though. ):

My forehead which I haven't used Clindoxyl on for quite a while is improving.

Also I exercised yesterday(I might have gotten a little too overexcited - still hurts in my legs!)

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I've been drinking green smooties yesterday and the day before and I got a lot og stomach gas, which was not very nice.. So I've decided to seperate the vegetables and the fruits as I've read that the two things are digested in different ways so that might be the reason why my stomach acts funny.

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I've decided to close down this thread because I'm now on another cure. I just want to make the finishing update.

The thing is, I drank carrot juice with a little parsley or ginger in it for about 14 days and it helped a lot I think! The problem is that my skin on my hands and face began to turn kind of orange/brown, I believe? The reason I think this is related to the carrots is, that I don't usually get tanned very easily. And right now, it looks like I am. Not that the color is dangerous or anything, I just don't wanna look like a carrot myself.. I don't believe it overdosing being very healthy.

My conclusion;It helped me, and might be healthy good, but be good but probably shouldn't be drinked every day.

Go ahead and try it if you want to. It isn't dangerous and you always stop if your skin gets a funny color. Right now mine actually looks kind of cool.. ;)

Now I've switched out the carrot juice with applecider vinegare. I drink 3 times a day, and put it on my skin mixed with water or green tea.

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