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Dear forum-ers,

This is a message for all of you guys out there who are wanting to go for facials and so on. Pick the right esthetician (preferably who works for a dermatologist) and don't go for conjobs. So far, I've only met one good esthetician in my life (She works in KL, I am in Melbourne) The rest that I've encountered have done numerous wonders to my face that one can only imagine:

1. The first time I've been to a facial in Melbourne, the lady was telling me how I should get a microdermabrasion etc etc. Also, she forced me to buy products. I did not listen to any of that crap and proceeded with my facial. After the facial, my skin worsened. There were more whiteheads than ever and she actually used something that resulted one of my brows to fade in colour (I had brow embroidery, K-style). She even dare to use a tinted sunblock to cheat me about how her extraction skills were superior. I discovered this when I returned home to rinse off the stuff she lathered on my face. I don't trust that lady because she was so harsh on my skin!

2. The second time I had facial. I took public transport to get to that place! Took me an hour and a half to reach there. The esthetician was nice and she was very gentle. She did not force any products upon me and recommended that I should get a chemical peel. I was very afraid of the word peel... I said no and proceeded with the facial. She was not gentle and left me with a very inflamed nose. I was stupid enough to sign a treatment course but thank god, I paid not even half of it.

3. The third times the strike. I finally got a chemical peel because a skin clinic told me that I should get it. It will help me clogged pores etc. I had 100s of whiteheads that are about to turn into pus filled babies. I had to address the matter. So, I did. The first time was amazing. But the nurse was pretty tough my skin despite post-peel. I mean, aren't nurses suppose to be gentle on your skin after a peel? The second peel, the nurse said that I should get extractions RIGHT after my chemical peel. So I did and guess what happened? I look like someone domestically abused me. there were two "bruise" marks on my skin. Very red. My skin feels tight. I see fine lines despite using the best anti-ageing and nourishing products that I've been relying on for years. Because of the amount of publicity they have and reliable sources, I tried their products. Some of them worked. I'm silly enough to pay for the treatment and the stuff they told me to get!

Now, I'm disappointed. Most importantly, I hate myself. I don't know why I chose to do the chemical peels. I spent so much of money on face that I feel very guilty for my parents. The money, I can use to buy my mom her Chanel bag instead of wasting money on unnecessary facials.

Well, look. I shouldn't hate myself. Thanks to these people who are lying to me. I'm only 20 years old! I've listened to so much of crap that these people tell me that I'm actually pissed off.

SO finally, I've planned to visit the dermatologist. It will cost me a bomb but hopefully, they'll be honest. So far, I haven't got any bad experiences with the doctors i see. They are very honest and stick to their codes. Very ethical too. Unlike the people from these salons. I know there are good estheticians out there but I haven't had the luck to meet any of them in Melbourne.

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