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Is there a link? i have read about insulin spikes etc,

i think i *may have found what breaks *me out

I went out the other night, drank 5 pints of beers (stuck to beer that night as a mini test)

later that evening 3am went into bathroom and had one inflammed pimple on the right cheek, 2 small white heads on the front of the cheeks (looking profile on) and then one white head on the other frontal cheek!

this cannot be a coincidence. And a few weeks back, i ate nearly a whole tub of ice cream and later that evening, i got a nodule/cystic spot on the chin...

so what do people make of this?

is this the same for you, i.e not superstitions that certain food or drink break you out, but hard evidence such as seeing the break out later that same day/evening!

id like to think i can learn what it is that causes them from this

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I am reading a book now called The Clear Skin Diet. It mentions in there about spikes in insulin levels in relation to acne. I haven't read to the diet part yet, but I did a search for the word alcohol (on the Kindle) and it just mentions to avoid all alcoholic beverages. The alcohol (beer especially) can raise the blood sugar levels which can then cause the insulin spikes.

Interesting site (for diabetes but shows which beers can raise your blood sugar):


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Yes. Insulin is a master hormone that stimulates the production of other hormones, including those involved in oily skin and hyperkeratinization which is the root cause of acne formation and a tendency that is genetic. That genetic tendency is probably the key difference between us and those that eat whatever they want.

It is also inflammatory, which is also at the root of acne formation as well as a factor that affects how severe a pimple may become and how much scarring it can leave behind.

Excess insulin/elevated blood sugar is also just plain bad for you. Really bad for you. It leads to most of the diseases everyone suffers from these days like diabetes, heart disease, cancers, etc. It ages you. It even has a role in male pattern baldness.

There are many other ways diet and lifestyle habits affect acne. And nutrients and habits that affect how well your body manages blood sugar which impacts how strict your diet needs to be.

More info: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Good-t230714.html

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