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Easy TCA

Yesterday I did my first session of easy Tca 50% frosted up nicely. My face is tiiiight as hell! Feels WELL wierd. I finished roaccutane just over a year ago now (40mg a day for 6-7 months) and my skin is generally spotless. I developed a wierd rash after my course that got worse and spread, i've still got a ton of comedones scarred pores etc. so i'm giving my face a fresh start. Easy tca is different from classical tca, it's a series of 4 peels that you do 7-10 days between each other. it's supposed to be much better tolerated by the skin with less down time. anyone else done this treatment? i want some sympathisers!

pics will be up when i'm done with treatment.

this details the difference between tca & easy tca; remove spaces at beginning and end to see!

http ://www.estetik.com/datamed/Peelings/ENGLISH/differences%20between%20Easy%20TCA%20and%20TCA%20in%20water%20solution. pdf

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Your link didn't work well so I made a hyperlink: click me :D

Thanks for the info! The post-peel mask looks promising, how did the easy tca 50% feel on your skin? Keep us posted!

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it was pretty intense by the time the post-peel cream went on, bearable though. alot of it has peeled off now (day 4), infact most of it has. i'm comfortable to go out in public anyway. my skin feels and looks a little better, but no signs of improvement on scarred pores or blackheads yet. i've still got 3 more treatments to go though, not expecting anything til atleast the second, might also opt for some CROSS on the second/third peel.

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