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Figured out a way to get rid of white heads fast!

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Basically, the only acne I get is white heads and they piss me off.

My doctor prescribed me a low dose of tetracycline (500mg/day) which I now reduced to 250mg a day. But I found a better use for the pills...

While taking this medication I still get white heads from time to time so I decided to try something new. I opened up a pill of tetracycline, mixed the powder with 5% BP into a grainy/muddy like yellow textured substance and applied directly to the white head at night.

By the morning, all the moisture in the BP evaporates, leaving you with a dry clump of tetracyline directly on the white head. It completely dries the white head out to the point that it falls off leaving no scars, discoloration or anything.

I have done it for 3 white heads thus far with amazing results. I will continue to take 250mg of tetracycline for a few weeks until I am clear and then reduce it to 1 x 250mg tablet every other day. And for any nasty white heads that pop up I will do this amazing trick.

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i've tried that with Zinc, Aspirin, Accutane, Doxycycline tablets..it may seem to help but i've got pretty bad scars from the popping and application of these ingestive tablets..some of them even burn..

i'd stop if i were u.

and like ashley, i'd like to re-iterate again that what's for ingestion is for ingestion and maybe harmful if used topically. Peace!

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