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Sami S

Not Washing Face and taking Vitamin B5

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Dear forum,

First I will provide a short background:

I am a 19 year-old male with mild/moderate acne. Before I started this I was using the Panoxyl 10% Benzoyl Peroxide face wash which was very harsh and I suspect was making me worse. I also soak my face in a salt water solution in the basin once or twice a day which helps (in the short term at least). I have now stopped all washing and treatment (1 week and 2 days in) after reading waterwater's post titled 'NOT WASHING MY FACE FOR A MONTH' and it's going great.

Now, since the 13th April 2011:

I have started taking Vitamin B5 powder dissolved in water. I bought it from www.myprotein.co.uk and it is literally just a bag with 250 grams of white B5 powder. I will post the amount of grams I am consuming each day with any extra supplements as I log.

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Right, so here is Week 1, 13th-19th April

Amounts of B5 are estimates! (V bad I know). I will update with exact measurements once I receive the measuring scoop. I am going by 4 grams per teaspoon which I think is quite accurate.

Key points:

Started at 4g/day B5 for the first 2 days then stepped up to 8g/day for the next 3 days. Lowered dose to 6g/day yesterday and then 4grams today (last day of week 1)

Started taking 1 B-complex a day on Day 2 and started taking 2 Biotin Capsules a day since day 6. Also taking multi-vitamins, cod liver oil and some zinc.


I would say there is a slight improvement. My forehead is definately better. White stuff seems to be trying to come out from my pores I think... has anyone else on B5 noticed this initially? I have had a few new spots (about 5) and I think this is all part of the initial breakout. As I said I have changed my habits alot so it's hard to comment too much on this.

On the negative side my hair is really drying out. Usually it gets kinda oily and thick a few days after washing but I haven't shampood it all week and it's still dry and it really looks less thick and not as nice. I have also been feeling a little bit off since yesterday. I feel kind of dehydrated in a way with cramps in my legs last night and my appetite is very erratic. I have also been drinking alot of water and peeing alot. If anyone has any experience with B5 I would be particularly interested in how it affected your hair.

Photos soon!

EDIT: I have started getting uneven skin in the middle of my chest with a few small red bumps and I never have problems with my chest. My back has also gone from not being much of a problem to like 5 new big red spots.

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I've never used b5 powder, but it's probably better because powder generally absorbs better than pills, and you won't have to swallow 20 pills a day either. Too bad you don't know the exact amount you're ingesting, but it's not a huge deal.

I've suffered from acne for a few years and it's mainly on my forehead. I was taking 7 grams of B5 daily for almost a month and it helped, but didn't cure me. I only take around 1 gram a day now. You may be getting initial breakout symptoms on your chest or back. I didn't get a breakout at first, but I very slowly eased my way into it (added 2 grams a week).

I do believe b5 has power to fight acne, and some people can experience ridiculously good results from it, so I'd give it a good month or two before you make an assessment. It should reduce oil production big time when you take larger doses, but do make sure you take that B-complex every day to minimize side effects.

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Just a quick update 10 days in:

Chest and back getting better already. Had a breakout on my neck and jawline due to dry, irritated skin from too much soaking in salt water. I've now stopped washing my face totally! No cleansers, no treatments, nothing. I've been moisturising my neck and jawline with E45 but other than that I'm just taking 1-2grams of vitamin B5 to help with the oil. Hair is looking thicker since I lowered the amount of B5.

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