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Hey guys,

im a 22-year-old girl from germany.( So please excuse my bad english)

After beeing on accutane for 7 months( february till september 2010) i've waited 6 month before doing something against my acne scars.

Im not having really bad acne scars. "Only" some ice-picks( 5 at each side of my cheecks), and 3 rolling scars and a really ugly boxscar on my right temple.

At the beginning of the month march i went to a derm, who offered some plastic surgery treatments. After reading so many bad experiences with the "normal" fraxel restore and partically with the fraxel repair, too, i decided to have a treatment with the Total FX( DeepFX combined with Active FX) for my both cheecks.

The procedure was really really painfull, althoug i get multiple pain killers(i felt like the didnt work really well).

I thougt the pain of the DeepFX was similar to a sewing machine and the pain of the Active FX remind me of a bunsen burner( do you know this word??^^)

My whole face was bloody, swollen and it stunk like a burned pig:(

The first 3 nights were really cruel. I could not sleep at all, because i was afraid to sleep on my waist(like always) and i had to rub my face every hour with a cream of antibiotica and vaseline to keep it moist.

On day 4 my face started to peel. I was not allow to pick or to rub the scab, because of the risk of new scars.

After 12 days my face looked almost "normal" and i could went out with some make-up to hid the redness.

Now almost 2 month after this horror-procedure i have to say, that im not really satisfied with the result. Friends, who didnt know about my surgery didnt recognized anything...... I can only notice an improvement of at most 20 %....so it really wasn't it worth at all.....

But i really had a very good and friendly dermatalogist. I wrote him that im very disappointed with the results and he apologized and offered me a deduction from the price. So after arrange a price of 1100 Euro( it have to be about 1600 US-Dollar) i had to paid "only" 600 Euro( 900 US-Dollar)

Additional to my disappointment i'm breaking-out at the moment :( it's not a really acne, at not as bad as before taking accutane, but it bugs me:( So i've tried to take a cream which is called "Triacneal" from a french company( Avene- i dont think you guys know this brand in america). This cream contains only a little part fruid acid( 6%). Have you any experiences what to with a break-out after a laser treatment for acne scars?

What other options do i have to get rid of my acne scars? I really dont want to do a laser-treatment again:( I've read that you guys often do a TCA-Cross by yourself, but i will not have the courage to do this on my own and i couldn't find a derm here in germany, who offers this treatment. So have you other suggestions for me, what possibilities do i have?

Thank you very much for reading "my story". i hope you have understood, what i wanted to write, although my english isn't the best:)

Greetings from germany







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im sorrry to hear that u did not get the results u wanted..i would wait couple more months to see if more collagen grows in..meanwhile i would try to keep the acne under the control maybe antibiotics..than later this year u can try other scar treatments such as subcision which i think is very effective..

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thank you very much for your apply:)

Subcision was already a treatment i would choice. The problem is, that germany isn't as fast with all this latest treatments as the USA. I have read of only one derm, who offers subcision in germany -.-

But you're right, i've already read alot good reviews about subcision at english websites and communities......It's a shame that i can't compares notes about "modern" acne scar treatments in our german communities, because there arn't many:( We always have to watch english videos on youtube or read english reviews here :D

Did you have already done something about your scars? And do you know if subcision is only for rolling scars or perhaps for ice-pciks, too??

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i havent done anything for my scars yet im too busy and dont have much money :((( but hopefully later this year i will start..but yes subcision i think can help most types of scarring...for u TIME is important tho since accutane can effect the way u heal for up to a year so i would lay off any new treatments til ur skin gets strong again..

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Oh, so i really wish you look with the choice of your treatment and to save enough money :( Are the prices in the usa similar to ours?

I dont know if subcision will be cost more or less than the totalfx, how is this point at you?

our german derms always advise a recovery time after accutane of 6 months, does yours advise other time specification?

i heard that americans get a higher dose of accutane up to 80mg/day. in germany we often get "only" 10 to 20 mg/day, because the risks are too high in the opinions of our derms.

sorry i meant i wish you luck not look:D

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subcision is def cheaper than lasers..and i guess if ur taking tane of only 10-20 mgs a day the waiting of 6 months is sufficient..but i was on tane as high as 70 mgs a day so for me i would say the waiting time is at least a year and i have read some dermatologist even have u wait for a year and half...so i guess it varies for everyone depending on the dosage and the time period..

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