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chensg's accutane journey!

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Hey guys, its been a week since i went on accutane, and i figured it was about time for me to share some lights on my experience so far. Just a quick re-introduction of myself. I am a 26 years old who has been suffering from acne ever since i was 14. I am 5'9 and weight 146lbs (just over 4 months ago i weight close to 190lbs)

All this while, my skin has been in pretty bad shape but about 3 months back it got A LOT worse for reasons beyond me. What really brought me down was that they were mostly cystic pustules (the big ulgy ones) acne and they were found on both sides of my face and my jawline (never got them in my life before) and my jawline looks absolutely hideous now. It was officially the worse breakout period of my life, having 5 or 6 cystic acne appearing on the same spot can really swing your confidence into depression in a split second!!! And i naively thought i would grow out of it. It got so bad that the the first thing my friends said to me unanimously was "Are you very stressed lately? What happened to your face??" Like many of you, i have tried almost everything off the shelf (you name it, i've tried it. Maybe the only thing left undone is applying urine or sexual discharge on my face) and my condition got so bad that my family members were shock and advised me to see a doctor and they got worried i might not get a job because of this. All this time whenever i had a problem i always go to a general doctor where i will be prescribed Doxy and antibiotics topical treatment that last for about 3 weeks. So anyways, i hit up the derm on 25th April 2011 and was prescribed erythromycin and Differin 0.1% while waiting for the results of my blood test. On April 13, i was offically prescribed Accutane (10 mg/day for the 1st month, and increase of dosage thereafter).

Today marks the 1st week of treatment. These are my observations. No dry lips so far, nevertheless i can see them coming soon as i feel my lips getting drier and tighter and overall my face feels dry but it had been the case ever since i got on Differin, so not too much differences there. The greatest and most unwanted side effect so far is the IB. Prior to Accutane, i felt that my skin was starting to calm down a little after having gone on Differin + erythromycin for almost 2 weeks and a lot of the cystic acne were starting to dried out and resulted in flaky scraps. I would like to point out that Differin has really made my skin feel nice and smooth (although it doesnt look this way at all, it does feel really smooth and soft, at least on the non-acne parts of the face) However, just 2 days into tane, i broke out again, some on the forehead, left cheeks and a few of them just above both my eyebrows and some on my neck. I also noticed that the current existing acne (the pustules especially) got even 'pus-tier'. I am not sure if it is the late nights i have been having (im having my finals this month, been sleeping at 2am almost every night compared to the usual 12am) but my gut is telling me its the tane-effect at work because i have never had acne on my neck before. I also noticed that my muscle ached more after workout and my eyes are getting drier.

I will be posting pics soon once i get my usb cable but it might have to wait since i prefer to stay indoors during this hideous IB period. Im comforted to know that many of you probably know how the heck im feeling and won't blame me for that.

I will be updating on a weekly basis and i hope i have good news to share till then. I honestly believe i will be able to inspire a lot of you if someone with that bad of a skin like myself managed to clear up and i am sure it will offer hope to people with similar skin condition who are usually not that hopeful. :)

For me, i just want to have the basic right to enjoy being clear skin and live life to the fullest and not having to worry about the next big thing on my face. I have many big dreams and the thought of acne and how it might endanger everything that i strive for just disgust me. Enough is enough. Let's fight this damn disease together.

Current condition of my face: Cystic acne with loads of red marks.
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hey how is it going? I cannot wait to start in about 3 weeks. I am half thai/american and my skin is easily scarred.

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