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Should i use mandelic acid with Proactiv?

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Hi this is my first post on this forum :)

So a few weeks ago i started to get these really small pimples that never come to a head. They are mostly on the sides of my nose, on the sides of my mouth, and on my upper lips, also a few on my right cheek. They are not visible unless up close and i wear makeup so these pimples make me feel self conscious when i put on makeup, plus they just make putting on makeup a little bit harder. I hate them and they're annoying and i pick on them and try to squeeze them but they are on parts of my face where its hard to squeeze out, and i just end up scaring myself. I always have these acne comedones but its always just been like 1-3 tiny little bumps barely noticeable, but now they are just all over my face, which make me mad. I don't have any inflamed acne(i do but rarely) and i use to have perfect skin because i use proactiv. I used to have lots of pimples but proactiv cleared up my acne a lot but still leave some acne comedones sometimes, and now acne comedones are all over my face. I read a post that say BHA or mandelic acid would help, i'm thinking about using mandelic acid with my proactiv 3 step regimen + clinique moisturizer. Do you think this would help and where do you think i should squeeze the mandelic acid into my regimen? This is my regimen:


proactiv sacilic acid facewash

clinique moisturizer and eyecream


clarisonic cleanser

proactiv cleanser

proactiv toner

clinique moisturizer

clinique eye cream

proactiv treatment 2.5bp

Please help. DO you know if BHA or mandelic acid would be better for me? I really want to get rid of my pimple fast and money isn't really a matter as long as it under $100. Thanks.

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