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Hormones and acne marks

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I've noticed that my red marks/scars tend to go through cycles... sometimes there will be a couple weeks when they start to look better but then they will start to look inflamed again even if I am doing nothing differently. Is it possible that the severity of my marks is getting inflamed because of hormonal changes throughout my cycle? Do hormones affect inflammation in general?

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Red marks aren't current inflammation, so.. no. If the red marks are raised, then they are very likely active pimples, not post-acne marks. In which case, yes, they can go though cycles in terms of how raised htey are. But there are too many unnoticeable variables to say with certainty that hormones are a/the cause.

Actually, there are two types of colored marks left over from acne... brownish or purple marks are generally post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, although these can be pink or red too. But red/pink marks are also often post-inflammatory erythema. Basically, blood vessels engorge at the site of the acne lesion to help heal the wound, a lot of times these blood vessels stay dilated for a very long time and that is what the red marks are. There are a lot of threads discussing this in the red marks forum. My question is, do hormones play a role in the inflammation of the acne wound or the behavior of the blood vessels, thus causing red marks to look better or worse?

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I constantly get this. I get these welts on my jawline that are similiar to hives but dont itch..I got one thursday and it was looking better yesterday and today..BAM it looks worse again so what the hell is it? And what the best thing to calm and reducee the redness from a hive like bump? I know its hormonal as Im in the throws of menopause at 43 and this has never happend before...Could this be cystic acne if you only get a small raised bump with no head?

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