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Hey guys..so I started taking Decutan during around Mid January so its been 3 months..

To be honest I am seeing a slight improvement though I expected to see much more in 3 months..could it be that it will start working soon? i have a few points to make though

1) I have very mild acne and the dermatologist told me that I don't even need such strong medication to get rid of my acne..I take 30 mg a day at the moment

2) I get worried when I read all the side effects that can affect the Liver, Heart, Eyes etc..thats the reason why I want to stop. So far the only side effects i've experience are really dry lips and peeling skin

3) I also use Uriage face wash and moisturizer


1) so would it be worse if I stopped now or should I just continue? my other dermatologist told me to continue the course for another 5 months(in March) meaning I'll need to stop in July. should I stop, wait a bit and try something more mild as treatment or should I continue?

2) Sometimes my face is really clear, the next 2 days it becomes quite red..what am I doing wrong?

3) Is 30 mg a day enough to cause liver problems? I dont drink any alcohol since I know it will only make things worse

Sorry about the really long post but thanks for any replies/help in advance, cheers ;)

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