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Existing Acne scars

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Hey Guys

I am a 32 years male. I have struggled with acnes all my life. I started having them when i was 15 years old and I never had a quiet period in my life. When i was around 20, I had tryst with my first cyst. Since then i have had 3 procedures done on my face to surgically remove cysts. Around 4-5 years ago a dermatologist recommended Accutane but just hearing about the side effects was enough to put me at bay.

However the thought never went away and now once again, i am seriously thinking about accutane one more time in my life. I just had an appointment today with my dermatologist and he recommended starting with a low dosage of 20 mg. The reason he recommended a low dose is because I used to have fatty lever problem (which is under control now). Nevertheless I am going in for my blood work in 2 days and then later this week I am seeing him again to go over the results. As I continue to read about accutane and both positive and negative stories all over, I am amazed to see the results some of you have experienced while on Accutane. I have also seen some amazing before and after pictures. Is it just me or in those after pictures, the scars dont look that prominent?

My doctor told me that accutane does nothing to the existing scars and may be I am just a little zealous at this point but in your experience does it help the appearance of the existing scars?

I hope to start my journey in about a week's time (still keeping fingers crossed on the results of my blood work).

Oh and one more question. I asked my doctor whether it would be a good idea to get the blood work say twice a month (to be on the safe side) so that if there are any complications, I find them out sooner than later. Do you guys think it will help? I know the typical time frame is once a month. Did any one of you go for more frequent blood work?


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