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Hey guys,

I'm new to this, but have been reading so many of these threads and everything there is to know on PF. I've suffered from acne since I was 12 yrs old, now 29, yes that's a long time! A few months ago I started getting these pimple like bumps on my chest, back, and shoulders. They itch, burn and sting at times. I knew it was more then acne, just didn't know what!

I went to the derm about 2 wks ago. She initially thought it looked like folliculitis, but of what kind she didn't say. She then treats me with cephalexin and some hormone pill. I called them a few days later and told them that the itching and burning were insane and that I couldn't wait a month for results or a biopsy. They got me in the next day. In the meantime I started using the otc Nizoral shampoo. A little bit of a difference, but not much.

So, I went back to the derm and they did a biopsy and she prescribed me oral Ketoconazole. It's been 5 days and I'm starting to clear up some, but still itch like crazy. Got a call from the lab today saying that my biopsy showed inflammatory. That's it? I thought if it was PF it would at least show some sort of fungus or yeast. She said they may prescribe me an oral steroid, which will make PF worse! I go back Wed. to have my stitches removed and talk with the derm. Not sure what to do anymore. Listen to the derm or diagnose myself? Tired of seeing Dr's that seem they know nothing about nothing.

Sorry this was so long, just venting to people who know what its like with this! I'll write back after my trip to the derm wed!

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