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weird / ANNOYING pimple

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the other days i felt a pimple coming up and had a little white dot, so i squeezed the white dot and and a little puss came out. but not the white hard piece which is the core of the zit. so at night i squeezed again and more white came out, this morning i squeezed again and more white came out. but yet ---

NO HARD CORE PIECE. whats up with that?

usually mine have the white dot and the whole thing comes up with 1 push.

whys this 1 so persistent??

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idk maybe that hard core will surface with time.. once its matured.... i hope u understand what im trying to say... sadly the only way i know the pimple is no longer goin to thrive on my face is after i squeeze it is if i see a little blood afterwards :X ..sounds disgusting and what not... but its the truth.. btw dont squeeze and squeeze ur zits.. ur rly gonna get bad scarring which u'll regret afterwards. trust me, i have PIH marks all over :(

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it's out now. the white stuff came out and followed by blood. now for some good old BP dabs and healing time. i only squeeze if isee white on top of the zit. i dont squeeze if it doesnt have anything to squeeze out of. i've learned my lesson too.

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