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diana amelia

Pityrosporum Folliculitis or Whiteheads? PLS HELP! :( *pics inside*

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this is the pics of my forehead...





i've had this condition for about 3 years..

i tried retin a, salicyclic acid but they only made it worse..

i read this thread (http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Small-bumps-plugged-pores-t164964.html) yesterday and i thought it might be the problem..

can anyone pls help me? it's really bad, i get teased in school :'( and i'm only 16 :(:(

thanks a lot..

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Well that looks a LOT like what I used to have, and I had pityrosporum folliculitis. Here's what you can try: buy a bottle of Nizoral shampoo, lather up a dime sized amount on your forehead in the morning and at night, leave it on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse it off, using a regular cleanser for the rest of your face. You should start to see improvements after a couple of days. After two weeks I was completely clear. I still use Nizoral as part of my daily routine and they haven't come back in three years.

Hope this helps!

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Hey...just wondering, did the Nizoral shampoo work for your forehead problem years ago? I have the same looking issue

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I have been suffering with this aswell, it gets worse in the summer in the hot weather... after many failed attemps to fix it with prescription acne meds I decided it might be fungal and put some monistat cream on my face(!) and it seemed to have cleared up quite a bit. I have also been washing my face with nizoral (waiting about 5 minutes to rinse it off)

I have been using the monistat/nizoral for about a week and so far it has helped more than anything else I have tried. I hope this helps.

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1.0% Butenafine Hydrochloride (Lotrimin Ultra) is also very effective on malassezia although it is an off-label use. In 2012 the FDA issued a Guidance calling for clinical trials of this drug on malassezia, so a positive outcome seems likely. Lotrimin AF is useless for this condition so be careful to buy the correct product. The manufacturer's website has a $2 off coupon too.

This fungus is dimorphic, which means it exists in both yeast and hyphae forms. I call the white bumps "reverse freckles" because they occur after exposure to intense sunlight, and because there isn't a medical term for the condition, other than folliculitis but that is more used to describe red bumps, IMO. I believe that the bumps form because the yeast phase is attempting to protect itself from sunlight, and somehow co-opts the body immune system to make bumps.

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