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Advise for my new regimen, PLEASE! all advise needed lol

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I am new to Acne.org and this is my first post so bare with me.

I guess I should start off describing my acne and skin type, so here goes..

My skin is a mixture of oily on and around my nose and under my eyes, dry on cheeks and semi normal everywhere else. I would also consider my skin sensitive. My acne I would say is severe. I usually have 5-10 zits(raised) on a normally day, more during a break out. But worst of all, any zit Ive ever had has left a red or brown spot/scar (no depression, just spots) and since I'm 18 and have had acne since I was about 15, Its safe to say my face is almost completely covered in said spots.. SUCKSS talk about a shot to the ego. Anyywayss..

My daily routine is as follows:


-wash face with warm H20 and Basis cleaner clean face wash


-cotton ball with witch hazel

-Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Regenerating Moisture Face

-Bio oil (which I read about is supposed to help get rid of those spots, mixed reviews)

Ive been using this for about a month now, It stated to clear my acne the first 3 weeks, then I had a breakout. (all routines Ive used have done this) I will stick with this until I finish all products up then decide what to do.

Before you make suggestions, some products I have used with no luck are proactiv, acnefree, clean and clear advantage, and TONS of different face washes. I personally believe accutane is the only thing for me. No health insurance tho :wall: but I don't think accutane gets rid of the spots.

Anyways, any advise is helpful.

Thanks for your time n effort.

Patrick G

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If you think accutane is the only thing, well accutane is anti-inflammatory and anti-androgenic. You can try to accomplish similar affects with diet. That's (almost) free! Just have to go out and buy the food for it. If topical after topical treatment isn't helping and it sounds like you should look at internal solutions instead of external. You can start here?

The spots will go away with time! I get them all the time too so don't worry they will.

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